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Welcome Studio 790 Kids - A Childcare Center Interior Design Solution!

After a year in the making, we are so excited to share with you our sister brand, Studio 790 Kids! This brand has been a heart and soul creation that is dedicated to serving a niche but vital market - childcare centers.

While working on a full-service childcare center design project last year, we, yet again, saw a big need and a gap in the market. There are hundreds of thousands of preschools, daycares, childcare centers and Montessori schools that are poorly designed, to say it simply. Not because the owner or operator doesn't care. Of course they care.

In our research it was because of a few key reasons:

  1. Funding - there wasn't room in the budget to actually put an intentional interior design plan together. Or, there may have been, but budgets had to get cut and it was something that was removed from the plan. Or, they just don't believe design will help support their ROI goals (spoiler alert - it does improve ROI).

  2. Time - often, preschool owner and operators don't have the time to dedicate to the interior design of their school. Why? Because they are busy! They are trying to get enrollments, they are working on a strong curriculum, they are working on hiring and managing their staff, finances, accounting, city regulations and permitting and the list goes on. Design moves lower and lower on their priority list, unfortunately.

  3. Lack of expertise or knowledge in interior design - maybe they have the budget and the time, but they are at a loss on where to start and sometimes hiring an interior design firm can be intimidating. So they make their best attempt at playing the role of interior designer and of course, in some cases, the end product may turn out well but often it doesn't.

To us, all three of these factors were solvable and we wanted to be not only part of the solution, but THE SOLUTION.


Studio 790 Kids is an eCommerce product that equips and enables childcare center owners to elevate the interiors of their schools without breaking the bank and without taking too much time. More specifically, Studio 790 Kids provides a fully eDesigned childcare center that is packaged up with everything needed to source, purchase and execute the design.

To start, we have released 6 design aesthetics (you can see all 6 here).

You first choose the design you love the most and fits your desired vision.

Then, you can choose to purchase the full package that gives you 9 predesigned spaces or you can purchase rooms a la carte.

And moments later, in your inbox you receive:

  1. A PDF design presentation of what you have purchased

  2. Sample floor plans of each room

  3. 3D renders of each room

  4. Product list for all products

  5. Design and purchasing advice and tips from our team

  6. Product ordering template

  7. And if you purchase a full package, you get 2 hours of our time to support you

The price point for the full package is $8997 and to put it into perspective, to custom design a childcare center it would be anywhere from $20k - $50k depending on the size of the school, the scope and the market. And if you choose to go the a la carte option and purchase just the rooms you want or need, each room is $1299. The full package is the best deal and yields a $2700 savings plus 2 hours of our time to support you which is valued at $500.

And here's the deal. Our hearts are here to serve. We want to change lives with interior design and this product does just that. For the owners and operators. For the parents. For the staff. And most importantly, for the kids.

Research has shown that we literally can design a brighter future leveraging interior design. More specifically, here is why intentional interior design is essential for childcare centers:

  1. Promotes positive emotions and reduces stress: Aesthetically pleasing environments have been shown to promote positive emotions and reduce stress levels. This is especially important in a childcare setting where children may experience separation anxiety or other stressors.

  2. Enhances cognitive development: A well-designed childcare center can enhance children's cognitive development by providing stimulating visual and sensory experiences. This can include colors, shapes, textures, and patterns that engage the senses and promote learning.

  3. Encourages creativity and imagination: Well designed spaces can inspire creativity and imagination in children, allowing them to explore and express themselves in a safe and nurturing environment.

  4. Improves overall well-being: A well-designed childcare center can improve overall well-being by providing a sense of comfort and security. Children are more likely to feel happy, calm, and safe in an environment that is aesthetically pleasing and well-designed.

Not to mention the hundreds of scientifically backed studies done by various institutions that have found these results as well. For example, according to a study by the University of Salford, students in classrooms with more attractive design elements performed 25% better on tests than those in classrooms with less attractive design. Another study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that students in well-designed classrooms with good lighting and comfortable furniture were more engaged in learning and had higher academic achievement than those in classrooms with poor design.

This is our why. We are an experienced team of designers that can play a role - even if it's small - to help change lives of an ecosystem of people, namely the next generation - THE KIDS! And as moms, that strikes a chord with us! The kids deserve it and the parents do as well.

We can help. We want to help. And we want to come alongside as many childcare center owners and operators to give them elevated interior design at a fraction of the cost so their school flourishes from every angle.

Studio 790 Kids is just getting started and we are excited to see what God will do with this. If you or someone you know is in the childcare center/preschool business, we'd love to help them! Feel free to share this post or have them reach out directly at

The best is yet to come!


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