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Embrace the Boho Casual Charm: Springview Montessori Academy's Preschool Interior Design Reveal

Welcome to Doral's first Montessori preschool, Springview Montessori Academy! A heart and soul childcare center where creativity, curiosity, and comfort blend seamlessly to inspire young minds. Today, we're thrilled to unveil the incredible transformation of this Montessori preschool interior design, showcasing how a carefully curated interior design can foster an environment that sparks joy, creates a stronger learning environment and ignites the imagination of the little learners.

BUT, before we show you the full reveal, we of course have to show you what this space looked like before. It's always amazing to us - even as designers that do this every day - that a space can evolve into something so beautiful, especially for kids.

Here's a glimpse into the most incredible before and afters ever (click the arrow on the right to see the before)!

The Lobby/Welcome Experience (Designer note: The welcome experience matters more than you think! First impressions mean everything so ensuring this space is inviting, warm, on brand and offers an emotional connection is critical!)

The Creative Playroom (removing that full length mirror did WONDERS to this space!)

The Conference Room (Designer tip: Print out a wall decal of your mission statement so it's clear for the perspective parents when they are meeting with you!)

Check out more of this preschool interior design reveal and our best-selling products we used in the design. And if you are in the Miami-Doral area, there are still spots available for your kiddos at Springview Montessori Academy!

And now, the full reveal!

Preschool interior design
Welcome to Springview Montessori Academy!

The details matter so much in a childcare center and preschool interior design and they don't have to be expensive. Etsy digital downloads are our best friend (and we love a good Ikea frame) as well as wall decals and ensuring anything related to the childcare center brand (logos, mission statements, etc.) is peppered throughout.

Check out some of our favorite accessories for preschool interior design!

Soooo what do you think? If you were a parent, would you send your kiddo to Springview Montessori Academy in Doral? We would! Ha ha ha.


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