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A Boho Modern Nursery Design: A Dreamy Haven to Rest, Play and Pray!

Hey there! Get ready to swoon over the reveal of our boho modern baby girl nursery for our favorite mini client ever. We've created a magical space mixing bohemian vibes with modern touches and of course, is all about comfort, style, and functionality. From late night feeds featuring one of our favorite rockers, to a whimsy feature wall and a lot of intentional details in between, come on in and let's take a look!

First things first we knew that God had to be present in this space so we created custom-colored prints as part of our gallery wall and main art wall. These prints not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also bring depth and meaning to the space. They serve as a gentle reminder of the power of faith and create an atmosphere of spiritual connection in the nursery!

Oh and these prints are part of our Etsy Shop Collection sold as digital downloads so feel free to shop for yours here!

Fun fact! The dresser is IKEA and we swapped the knobs and HOW CUTE IS IT?! Don't even get us started on the layered rugs...

You can also shop the rest of the gallery wall here!

Next up, the secondary hero of the space - the wall covering! This whimsy peach playful wallpaper is to die for! We did one wall - the wall where the crib is - as to not overwhelm the room and still have it feel peaceful and serene but at the same time playful and fun.

And our custom bible verse overlay gave the perfect backdrop for when sweet baby girls is sleeping.

And when of the most critical areas to a nursery is of course, where momma and baby will be most of the time, especially in the early months. This area we ensured was functional, fit the design and offered the right amount of cozy to allow for beautiful memories and moments together!

We loved designing this boho modern baby girl nursery to say the least. Our goal was for it to be a holy spirit filled serene sanctuary designed to ignite creativity and foster a sense of wonder in the heart of our mini client!

Combining bohemian organic aesthetics with sleek contemporary elements and gold accents, this nursery offers a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

And as always, feel free to shop the space here!


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