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Introducing Elite Smiles Pediatric Dentistry!

Goodness gracious we are so so so excited to share with you this amazing project and more importantly, the owner behind it all, Fabiola.

First things first, a quick back story. Fabiola hired us over 3 years ago to help with her home. We connected, we helped her with her house and alas, we became friends and continued to stay in touch. Fast forward another year, she reached out to share the news that she was looking to start her own pediatric dental practice and she wanted us to help design the space.


Repeat clients are what we live for and this one was a double whammy as we got to be a part of Fabiola's dream of starting her own business.

You see, this is what matters. The journey with clients in the season of life they are in. Sometimes it's a new baby, sometimes it's a brand new home, sometimes it's things like this - a massive career shift, stepping into purpose and calling. Needless to say, this project is really near and dear to us and we believe Elite Smiles Pediatric Dentistry will serve and help so many kiddos smile bigger and brighter than ever!

Okay, onto this reveal...

Let's first share with you a look into what the space was before we got our hands on it. Clearly the space had potential ;)

Fabiola hired Capital General Contractors for the space build out and as a collective team, we made it happen! Alas, here is the cutest dentist in all of Miami, starting with the entry.

We created this super cute moment leveraging the design color palette, the business logo and a fun swing and neon sign. Here, the kiddos and their parents can snap a picture together when they live, marking the experience as positive and being reminded - YOU HAVE THE BEST SMILE!

It was our intention to make this whole experience uplifting, fun and positive for both the kids and the parents. As a mom of an 8 year old, I know going to the dentist can be hard and often for kids there isn't a positive association. Our goal was to change that! And with Fabiola's help and ideation, we did it, starting right when you enter, continuing through the whole experience.

As the patients wait for their appointment, we designed the lobby to be colorful, happy and energetic. Equipped with toys, iPads, games and TVs, the kids get to have so much fun while they wait! Plus, the space is comfortable, clean and functional which is key, of course. Oh and fun fact - that is NOT wallpaper on the walls. Those are individual wall decals ;) Etsy FTW!

Now, let's take a look inside! As you can see, we carried the color story and the energy and paired it all up with inspirational, empowering prints throughout so the kiddo (and the parent!) always feel a sense of joy.

We LOVE all the prints throughout the space and it's a great and affordable way to bring inspiration and encouragement to the patients!

Finally, the bathrooms. Simple but cohesive with the rest of the space, we took these basic spaces and gave our finishing touch because DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE BATHROOMS!

You can shop some of our favorites from the bathrooms right here!

This project truly was a dream project. Fabiola and the whole team at Capital General Contractors were absolutely amazing. And of course, if you are in Miami, you now have a children's dentist that is sure to bring a wonderful experience (not just aesthetically - Fabiola is the best dentist ever!).


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