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The Lighting Guide

Are you a DIYer, Homeowner, Interior Designer, or just love learning about home decor? Did you know that lighting is one of the most crucial elements of a room? Not only is it functional, but it helps set the tone and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Do you often wonder what is the right height to hang a chandelier?

Or do you wonder what are affordable brands to buy table lamps?

Or how to budget for decorative lighting as part of my home renovation?

If you've ever needed help with interior lighting, this lighting guide is for you!

We've created this free guide starting with the 6 types of ambient lighting, the brands we love and where we source them at various price points.

We then answer all the how-tos including dozens of FAQs we get on the daily and tips to help you curate lighting in your home and so much more!

For example:

A well-lit bathroom is crucial and needs overhead lighting as well as task lighting at the vanity mirror and above the shower. We suggest adding 2 sconces on either side of the mirror(s) for the best light and no shadows. If space is limited and sconces are not an option, an additional light above the mirror will suffice but one ceiling light is never enough, no matter how small.

We include tips for hanging various lighting by room, including distance from the floor and above dining tables and countertops in the kitchen.

We don't want to give all our tips away so you'll have to go download it here today for FREE - you don't want to miss this!


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