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Project Reveal// The Blue Kitchen

We couldn't be more excited to FINALLY reveal one of our most favorite kitchen projects yet - the blue kitchen! Inspired by the Red Rooster restaurant here in Miami and executed with an eclectic Colombian twist, we must credit our amazing client for saying yes to all of this!

We pride ourselves in designing for our clients - we get into their heads, we understand their challenges, we learn their culture, their habits, their joys, their lifestyle. And this project was no different. Maria Paula lives a fun, intentional life in Miami with her sweet girls. From making pancakes on a Saturday morning to dance parties with friends, this blue kitchen renovation gave the home back its heart and its heartbeat.

Now, take a look at the before, the renders and the after and YOU WILL BE DROOLING BY THE END!!!

We went from this:

To these kitchen renderings:

To this final product:

Love this kitchen as much as we do? Shop the room here.


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