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This Miami Shores Kitchen Renovation Will Blow Your Mind!

Okay, we say this a lot but you guys, this Miami Shores kitchen renovation is honestly one of the best before and afters we've seen in a long time.

When our dear friend and amazing real estate agent, Kendra Borja, came to us and asked for help with this project, we were jumping with joy. Yes, because we love Kendra. Yes because we knew she would have amazing taste. But mainly yes because, ahem, this:

This kitchen was an enclosed kitchen that hadn't seen the light of design day in 40+ years. REMEMBER THOSE KITCHENS? You probably had one growing up. I did. Well, if you are older than 35 you know exactly what I'm talking about. If not, yes, kitchens with walls and one - maybe two if you were fancy - entry points were a thing. And the irony is they are SLOWLY making a comeback. I'm not ready for that yet. And neither was our client.

So, alas, we knocked down walls, extended the space, leveraging existing space from the front living room of the home and created this gem of a contemporary traditional kitchen:

Now, let's take you through a few mind-blowing before and afters because after all, that's what we love - a good redemption story. AMIRIGHT?!

Yes, this is the same angle and yes, we will say that a few more times because when it's that good of a redemption, you almost don't think it's the same space. What you can't see in these pictures is the wall. The wall that came down, separating 1985 from 2022. While I love the 80s as that was when I found my passion for wallpaper, some of the best music ever and aqua net hairspray, it's not the healthiest thing to live in the past, is it? Living - and designing - for the present and future is what it's about and exactly what we did. Hello 2022!

I know, I know. You think this is the wrong set of before and afters. It's not. Another wall (ahem super inefficient vignette of cabinets/refrigerator) came down and VOILA! 2022 is here with incremental seating, more space to entertain and a gallery wall to boot.

Speaking of - we bought 2 sets of this super cute Target Threshold canvas inky floral framed canvases to create a more robust gallery as we felt 6 was better than 6. They are a great price point - check them out and shop them below!


Okay, one more before and after for you...

By removing the wall the existing stove/oven was on and increasing the footprint of the kitchen by taking space from the living room, we were able to add an amazing island which is exactly what a family of 5 needs. Or frankly, any size family because these days, the island is serving as a place for work, breakfast, girls nights, homework and the list goes on.

You know what was the best part of this project? Collaborating and dreaming up this space with our client (well, she was a friend first) because she's a realtor. We, of course, know design. But it was so interesting to hear her POV on various things - where to spend, where to save (we splurged on lighting, we went budget-friendly on the stools, for example). Kendra is amazing at what she does and has an eye for design, making the project that much better. No, this is NOT an ad for Kendra but hey, if you ever need a realtor in Miami, she gets a 10 out of 10 from AUID.

Last but not least, let's take a peek at some of the details of the design. Above you can see the channeled millwork in the island - WE LOVE THIS. It's such a small but unique element of design in the space. And the backsplash. The timeless quartz countertop being run up as the backsplash gives the kitchen a cohesive, refined look. Plus, it's incredibly easy to clean as there are no grout lines!


Speaking of design details. What does every kitchen need? Paneled appliances (see the refrigerator below) and plenty of pantry space. DONE AND DONE.

Thank you for taking the tour of this Miami Shores kitchen renovation! We hope you loved it as much as us. What was your favorite part?



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