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The Layered Living Series - How to Layer Your Home with Decorative Lighting

Part Two

We could write a book about why we LOVE layering our designs with texture, bold colors, a little mixing and matching, and style.

Now, let’s talk about why layering your home with lighting is important, and how it can help give dimension, make your home feel dramatic, and create an attractive mood.

The truth is the right lighting in the right space and moment has the power to be transformative. But don’t take just our word for it, our partner for the Miami Home and Remodeling Show, Mitzi, uses the same words to describe who they are. They are on a mission to make beautiful lighting accessible to all, and so are we. In fact, we are on a mission to make well-designed spaces accessible to all.

Without further ado, here is the lighting we chose from Mitzi for our Layered Living design at the Miami Home and Remodeling Show.

We loved how different each of these lights were but do you see how well they work together? This is the beauty of design - you can mix and match textures and shapes and types of lighting to create a cohesive lighting plan from floor to table to the walls. And here we had wall sconces, a table lamp and a floor lamp to pull the whole space together perfectly.

Mitzi Wall Sconce - We loved the Meta Wall Sconce for three reasons: first, the gold button detail on the shade. Second, the brass and black combo. Third, they are plug in, making the install less costly. Yes, yes and yes.

Mitzi Table Lamp - The Janel Table Lamp was perfect for our project for two reasons - the black detailed base had amazing contrast with the table it was going on and the size was just what we needed!

Mitzi Floor Lamp - The Lola Floor Lamp we fell in love with the minute we saw it on their website! It was the right amount of brass contrast we needed and one thing we LOVED about this floor lamp is the size. Having it placed next to a lounge chair or a comfortable sofa is ideal for reading because of the way the light cascades and because of the height of the lamp.

Check out all of these beautiful Mitzi lights in our layered living room!

When we want to draw attention or light -no pun intended- to a specific feature in a space, we like to add unique versatile lighting, and because our spaces are meant to look and feel lived in, having multiple lights in one room is key.

From a cozy floor lamp in your living room to a statement table lamp on a console, plug-in sconces on the walls, and the never-failing dining room chandelier, we believe lighting sparking interest in the personality of your home, so go ahead have fun with it, be bold, and get inspired to upgrade the lighting in your home with Mitzi’s new collection.

As always, we have curated some of our favorites for you!


By the way, ICYMI Last week we wrote a blog about our passion for layering art and gallery walls.


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