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The Layered Living Series - How to Layer Your Home

Part Four

It has been an honor to walk you through the why and the how of our Layered Living series, from our gallery wall to the lighting and the furniture, you have seen how this design concept became a reality with the help of our amazing partners. And because you already know we are on a mission to make well-design spaces accessible to all, we want to end the series by giving you a detailed recap of all the elements that create a layered home.

1. Floors and Rugs – let’s start from the bottom up. If you are like us, a light, neutral, and muted hard floor is our go-to aesthetic, it allows us a world of possibilities with the rest of the design. Therefore, partnering with Iberia Tiles for The Miami Home and Remodeling Show was the best decision we made. Their stone, porcelain, and mosaic selection is impressive, unbeatable quality and inventory. But wait, a good floor just isn’t enough if we want to layer our home, layering begins with an area rug, one that can add texture and warmth, a timeless piece that brings interest to the mix. Minori Casa offers a curated rug experience, their passion for rugs is palpable in their collections.

Fall in love with our favorite Rugs from Minori Casa

2. Wallpaper- The sky is the limit when we envision wallpaper, from bold abstract designs to softly textured walls, if we could, every home we design would have a statement wallpaper in a powder room, nursery, or hallway. We can’t get enough of the dramatic change it can create in a space, so naturally when designing “Layered Living” our friends at Sur La Mur were the perfect match. They had us at “You Envision, We Create” their high-quality, customizable wall coverings made our design stand out perfectly.

Discover the Sur La Mur wallpaper designs we can’t get enough of!

3. Art- it’s not just about hanging a pretty gallery wall, it’s about making it personal and giving it meaning. The stories behind every artist and art piece at Minted are just one of the many reasons why we love them. Check out our favorite pieces from our design vignette here, and layer your walls with passion for whatever speaks to you.

Get inspired with our must-have gallery wall from Minted:

4. Lighting- This layer of your home is no less important than the rest. In fact, we learned from our partner Mitzi that lighting has the power to be transformative and that it can be added to every corner of a room. From wall sconces, to table lamps, chandeliers to floor lamps, lighting matters! Read all about our love for decorative lighting in our second blog post from The Layered Living Series.

Shop our top 3 Mitzi lighting from our Layered Living space:

5. Furniture- there is no right order to create a Layered Living Home, but the truth is that there are no layers until we have furniture, adding different textures and materials is key to a balanced multi-purpose space. Roberta Schillings Collection did more than that for our design, from the rich Brazilian woods to the clean marble tops, learn more about all the furniture that we used to layer our design with these unique furniture pieces.

6. Accessories- Because no home is complete without the things you love, yes, even the cozy throw pillow you know you can’t live without, this is the FINAL and most important layer, it represents you and your season, what you value and what you want the space to be. Add a pop of color, natural elements, plants, coffee table books, and have fun with it, let your personality shine thru!

Take a look at our favorite accessories for a layered home

We hope to have inspired you with this series, our hearts burst with gratitude for our amazing partners and your support! Until next time, GRACIAS from AUID.


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