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The Layered Living Series - How to Layer Your Art with Minted

Welcome to Layered Living - a design concept that was conceived as part of our designer vignette at the Miami Home and Remodeling Show. Speaking of the show - WHAT A DREAM AND HONOR TO HAVE PARTICIPATED! Thousands of people gathered to seek out vendors and inspiration and creative ideas for their homes and we wanted to showcase a space that represented what our clients have asked for - rooms that have multiple functions from day to night.

We named this space and overall concept Layered Living because just like the layers of our lives, our homes also should have layers and represent who you are in the season you are in. From coffee to cocktails, reading and writing, dreaming and dancing, this space is meant to cater to you from morning to night. By yourself, with your partner, or surrounded by friends and family, a room that serves multiple purposes always wins in our books!

The layers in a space matter to us: the wallpaper and art, the coffee tables, the rug, the lighting EVERYTHING. One of the best ways we know how to represent layers is through a gallery wall. Why? Because there is nothing better and more personal than gathering a collection of visuals that represent something valuable to YOU.

For us, this space had an intentional theme around humans, the expressions, experiences, and emotions we go through in life.

And if you are new to this and you don’t know where to start, we partnered with the best of the best to show you the infinite possibilities of art: Enter Minted.

Minted is an incredible design marketplace that sources creative content from a global community of fully independent artists, and then sells the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to consumers. Their website not only empowers you to curate your gallery walls but also makes it easy to search for the perfect pieces. They share great content, ideas, and templates for all of us to enjoy art, we can’t help to source Minted again and again.

Like Minted, at AUID we are all about creating and collaborating so we want to share our sources, our creative processes, and of course, we want you to shop the looks!



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