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The Layered Living Series - How to Layer Your Home with Roberta Schilling Collection

Part 3

If you have read our past blogs on Layered Living from The Miami Home and Remodeling Show, you’ve already seen the beautiful lighting and art that made our design stand out. And we are guessing you’ve all been wondering about the show-stopping furnishing that made it all possible. Right? Well, perfect. Because we are here to tell you.

Enter: One of a Kind by Roberta Schilling Collection.

Roberta Schilling, a native of Brazil and a trendsetter by all accounts, represents the ideals of a layered living design and thus offers accessories, decorative glasses, natural-fiber textiles contemporary furniture, and Brazilian colonial antiques. If you are a local in Miami, we highly encourage you to visit their showroom and get inspired from the moment you walk in, from custom furniture to curated accessories, Roberta’s is a place for design lovers like YOU and us!

Seriously, our design vignette at the Miami Home and Remodeling Show WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT Roberta and her team. And because we are obsessed with the design and quality of the Roberta Schilling Collection, we are here to show you how Layer Living happened and to show you a few of our favorite pieces from the space!

Before we started designing, we first dreamed of a multipurpose space that would take you from day to night and from coffee to cocktails. Roberta had the perfect piece and the most asked-about bar cart. Elegant and unique, this piece was a no-brainer since the moment first laid our eyes on it.

We styled it with a cocktail vignette, a few bold objects and some books, of course to keep on our layered living design concept!

Comfort is key when thinking of rooms that have multiple functions and we knew this space needed multiple places for people to sit. These beautiful gray swivel chairs were the perfect pieces to round out the space, offering maximum comfort and style AND coming in at just the right size.

One last piece that had all the detail and meant the world to us was this bookcase. Why you may ask? Well, because layered living is about the layers of our life, where else would we display our keepsakes? Our favorite reads and pictures of our loved ones? In a proper bookcase or bookshelf, especially one with BRASS details and made from rich Brazilian wood.

Thank you, Roberta, for allowing us the privilege to bring to life our dream design in a dream moment for AUID! To see the full collection, visit Roberta Schilling Collection online or make an appointment to see the showroom in Miami.


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