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Founder's Faves // June

Wow! We love the energy and feedback we have been getting on our newest segment, our Founder's Faves. If you know Ann, you know she's a passionate gal and this translates in every aspect of her life, including fashion and home finds. Now, let's get into what she's loving right now!

Last month for her May faves, yellow really took over. It was almost a subconscious play to summer which we were not mad about at all. Yellow, as it turns out, does give you a little bit more energy and joy as it surrounds you. Be it clothes or home goods, a nice dose of yellow will do you good. For June? Poppy red seems to be a theme. On lips, in art, on the pillows, give us all the poppy red! But some citron yellow finds are coming in hot also.

From the most incredible Target sandals (ahem, here and here), to a new face product that is changing Ann's makeup routine, we hope you love these and you get a bit more joy from them.

Happy shopping! Click on the images below, add to cart and get ready for your home and closet to be a bit happier and better ;)


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