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Founder's Faves // May

You spoke (slash DM'd) and we listened. Introducing a monthly series that will highlight some of our founder's faves. From fashion to interiors, entertaining and gifting, Ann is sharing what she is loving and buying and you don't want to miss this.

First up, her May faves.

Recently Ann is having a love affair with yellow, likely because we are entering into the summer season and it was one of the colors she used when designing her new outdoor space (more to come on that - GET READY). But here's what she noticed by incorporating a bit more yellow into her life - it DOES increase your mood and bring joy. Be it a pillow or a shirt, she is VERY into yellow RN.

And of course, some denim, some black, some sunnies and a solid summer sweater - we'd say you're set for the season. Happy shopping!


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