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Transforming Palmetto Bay: A Coastal Modern Makeover

Nestled beneath the swaying palms in the vibrant community of Palmetto Bay, Florida, lies a home that's just gone through a breathtaking coastal modern transformation. Join us as we journey through this family-and-dog-friendly coastal haven, where we've worked our magic to infuse fresh life and style into every corner. From the kitchen that's now the heart of the home to the guest and kids' bathrooms that exude both elegance and playfulness, this remodel is a testament to the power of design in creating a haven that's true to the charm of Palmetto Bay.

Before we begin, let's go back a bit. We started off with a space that was outdated and did not reflect this wonderful families vibrant personality. We wanted to make sure that this family could invite guests over and feel proud of their home. See below before photos!

Let's just stop and talk about a few of our favorite things about this kitchen upgrade, shall we? Okay, great.

Backsplash Bliss: In the kitchen, our design journey begins with a star-patterned honed marble backsplash. Its delicate veining and intricate design create a focal point that's nothing short of mesmerizing.

Countertop Elegance: Complementing the backsplash is the Calcutta marble countertop, exuding timeless sophistication and luxury (and, ahem, durable for all the kiddos and dinner parties). It's the perfect canvas for culinary creations.

Mixed Metals Magic: To add a touch of drama, we incorporated brass accents in the pendant lighting, giving the space a warm and inviting glow. The incorporation of matte black pulls and sconces above the window adds a bold contrast that's both chic and daring.

Styling in a home really does tie the entire design together, and it's in the kitchen that this art truly shines. Carefully chosen accents, the playfully arranged cookbooks, and bowls of fruit or veggies are just a few examples. They not only inject personality and warmth but also elevate the entire space, making it feel like a welcoming and lived-in haven where design meets functionality, and form dances with function. It's the little details that turn a house into a home, and in the kitchen, they create a harmonious symphony that makes every meal a delight. If you love the styling items we used here, see below links!

Incorporating a small banquette area into your kitchen is a smart move, especially if you have little ones. It's a cozy and inviting space where family meals become a delightful bonding experience. The banquette's built-in seating not only maximizes your kitchen's space but also offers a safer and more secure dining setup for kids. No more juggling highchairs or worrying about them toppling over! It's the ideal spot for relaxed breakfasts, homework sessions, or even arts and crafts, making your kitchen the heart of your home, where cherished family moments unfold effortlessly.

Okay, onto the bathrooms. GIVE US ALL THE BOLD GEOMETRICS! And let's unpack a few highlights we are still swooning over.

Starstruck Déjà Vu: We couldn't resist the allure of the star pattern, so we brought it over into the guest bathroom. This design consistency creates a harmonious flow throughout the home.

Geometric Flooring: The guest bathroom showcases bold geometric floor tiles that make a statement. Their striking patterns add a sense of energy and drama to the space.

Custom Light Oak Vanity: To balance the bold floor tiles, we chose a custom light oak vanity, bringing warmth and natural elegance to the room. The light wood provides a soothing contrast to the vibrant geometric floor.

Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles: The glazed ceramic wall tiles are a work of art themselves. Their brilliant colors, smooth gloss finish, and intriguing variations in hues and tones create a captivating backdrop for the room.

Check out all of the items we used in this amazing bathroom remodel!

Now, onto the moody blues of the kids' bathroom!

Custom Moody Blue Vanity: In the kids' bathroom, a custom vanity in a moody blue color sets the tone for a space that's both charming and sophisticated.

Subway Tile Sophistication: Classic subway tiles are installed vertically in this bathroom, providing a timeless backdrop that allows the other design elements to shine.

Artistic Touch: Custom Studio 790 artwork adds a unique and personal touch to the space!

In this journey through Palmetto Bay paradise, we've witnessed a home's remarkable transformation, where design meets the charm of coastal living and the necessities for functional family living. From the sunny kitchen upgrades to the delightful guest and kids' bathrooms, every corner tells a story of elevated and playfulness. We've explored how styling enriches a space, turning it into a haven that's as functional as it is inviting. The addition of a small cozy banquette area showcases how even modest changes can bring convenience and warmth to daily life, especially when there are little ones in the mix. In the end, this remodel is a testament to the power of design, where every detail ties together to create a home that's not just a beautiful place but a haven for cherished moments and lasting memories. Palmetto Bay Bliss, indeed.


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