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What Makes a Home a Home?

When the team at the Home Design & Remodeling Show asked me to write the closing thought of their inaugural issue of their magazine, Home Design, of course it was an emphatic yes! Adam Kayce, a dear friend of mine, is the director of The Home Design & Remodeling Show, paving the way for South Florida and beyond and I commend him and his team for the work they are doing to support designers, homeowners and businesses now more than ever. After having to reschedule the show several times, he made a major pivot: The Home Design magazine was born and I, for one, am excited for it!

When they asked me to answer this question, "What Makes a Home a Home?" I, of course, was thinking they would have to give me at least 6-7 pages of the magazine to answer (lol) but I thought that may be a bit abrupt. Instead, I challenged myself to really think about what the homes means.

"I believe the answer to this question - what makes a home a home - is limitless. But as a designer, my goal will always be to design spaces that are representative of the people who hired me, the places that matter to them, and things that are more than things – the memories, objects that tell a story and evoke an emotion as you make your way through the home. I call these the nouns of design – people, places and things."

The nouns of design are a fundamental part of my design DNA and thus, must be at the foreground of a home. You can read the rest of my thoughts as well page through to read about color story and backyard design and get incredibly inspired by Galey Alix and learn of industry trends and so much more.

When talking about the new found significance of our homes during this unpredictable year, I think Adam said it best when he said, "We have placed a greater value on where we live more than ever before. Home is no longer just a house. Home is where we work, where we learn, and where we create memories that last."

That statement resonates so much with me because I think we've all come to realize how important it is to love where we live. Adam has been so gracious with keeping me as a continued partner with The Home Design & Remodeling Show. They are getting it right. They have been bringing together industry-leading professionals from the entire spectrum of home renovation for over 40 years and now, they are bringing approachability back to home design and home improvement. And I am here for it! And the best part is we ALL get to benefit from what is ahead. Truly, the best is yet to come!



P.S. Let me end here with a personal pep talk. I need everyone reading to understand that I don't take being asked to do these things (featured in magazines, partnering with brands, having businesses and people share my work on social media...the list goes on) for granted for one second! I'm beyond honored, beyond humbled. As a self-taught designer with zero schooling, owning and operating an interior design business after YEARS of side-hustling while working full-time as a corporate America exec, this is a big deal. And for the ONE person reading (or perhaps more than one), I want to say this - don't stop pursuing your dreams. Do not. Go after them hard. It doesn't matter what the world says, it matters what your heart says and what God will do. He did it for me, he will do it for you.


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