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Welcome to Studio 790 Interior Design

Well, here we are. Or here I am. In awe at the unfolding of what was Ann Ueno Interior Design to what is Studio 790 Interior Design - a Miami-based residential interior design firm serving families and busy professionals. New name, new brand, same goal - to serve people using our gifts and talents with joy and humility.

I honestly can't believe I am here today writing this. If you would have asked me if I would have a near 7 figure business with a team of 6 (and many others indirectly working with us) designing some of the most amazing projects and getting to touch the lives of those people who are impacted by our designs, I would have not believed you. It's truly a miracle in motion.

From hiring our incredible photographer almost 6 years ago to embarking on a new arm of our business in 2023 (more to come on that!) to being featured in HGTV magazine and having the means to hire and make other people's dreams come true, God has BLOWN MY MIND.

Why are we changing the brand?

There are a few reasons but I'll share the most important.

As I have reflected on the last few years since starting this firm, I had a moment about 6 months ago that left me in awe. I am surrounded by team members. Partners. Contractors. Vendors. And this thing is bigger than me and God is doing magic. I was once doing this alone, breaking even, not taking a salary and now I am leading a thriving business that will hit the 7 figure revenue mark next year because of the people who have said yes. Not because of me. Because of them. Because of a collective group of incredible talented and amazing humans.

And just about 2 months ago I heard a holy spirit whisper..."Ann, it's time. It's Studio 790...let's take this business to new levels..."

Okay God! VAMOS!

You see, it's not about me - Ann Ueno - anymore. It's about what God is doing and who He is doing it for and with. God has made it abundantly clear it's time to go from I/Me to We/Us. This is no longer a solopreneur game. It's a growing business that has been healthy and successful and profitable thanks to the hands and feet of the incredible team, partners, mentors, vendors and clients.

Why the name Studio 790 Interior Design?

790 is my address that is now the address of our first brick and mortar studio. This home and the walls that surround me have been the most impactful, healing, creative space for me in the last 8+ years. I had a baby here, I started my design business here, I have gathered hundreds, if not thousands of people here, I have cried and laughed and created here. I got divorced here. And after said divorce, I had to attempt a really hard refinance to take ownership of the home (try being a single mom entrepreneur and having a bank approve's not easy...) and I did it. The house is mine. The studio is now ours. My door is always open. For prayer, for parties, for purpose, on purpose, for God. This has been a sanctuary for me and many others. It's a place I raise my daughter and raise a glass to a friend who has been set free. It's a place we get a signed contract for a job we never thought we would get in a million years. It's a place where everyone is welcome and where Zoey will do handstands and backbends in every single room for a solid hour. I work here in bed, in my living lounge, on my patio, in the studio and in the dining room. We sing, dance, celebrate and love here.

An address matters. And it's no coincidence that this home matters so much AND I DO THIS FOR PEOPLE FOR A LIVING. All I want in my life is for people to love the place they are in - physically, spiritually, emotionally. But physically is my jam. Interior design is it. We aren't just designing beautiful homes, we are creating environments where people can live their authentic lives with the people that matter most to them.

When I was questioning the name, God gave me a few affirmations and one was the spiritual relevance of the number 790.

Number 7 represents spiritual awakening and development, understanding self and others, persistence of purpose and determination, study, research and learning. CAN I GET AN AMEN?!

Number 9 denotes endings (and one of my personal endings in my life has led me to the best, most life-giving beginning I could ever imagine) and conclusions. It also represents the strength of character, non-conformity, leadership and leading life as a positive example for others.

Number 0 relates to developing one’s spiritual aspects of connecting with God and eternity and potential as well as wholeness. It's the beginning point.

WOW. When I studied this and God pointed me to this, it was affirmed. These 3 numbers, the coordinates that comprise my physical location matter more than I knew. Studio 790 Interior Design it was. It is. And it will be.

Will the business change?

Yes and no. Yes, because if we aren't growing and getting better and learning, we aren't changing. So yeah, we will be changing. But the core of our services - residential interior design for families and busy professionals - will remain. This is our heart and soul, without question.

But, we are working on a few really special business initiatives that will be revealed a bit this year and into 2023. It's more of an expansion than anything. And ohhhh mmmyyyyyy I am excited. Here's a hint - Studio 790 will have a dedicated kids design arm of the business ;)

We will also be expanding our services for aspiring and new interior designers. My heart is to help creatives on the business side of their companies and that will grow in 2023 and beyond.

Will you (Ann) still design?

OF COURSE. That will not change. No designs go out the door without my oversight and approvals. This is my love and passion and I will still be the creative director of the brand. But now, we get to serve more clients because we have more designers which is honestly a dream come true. The team at Studio 790 Interior Design are the best best best. Humble, fun, creative, human, ALL OF IT. I LOVE THEM!

Will you (Ann) be changing your last name?

I'm only addressing this because I get this question more than you'd think. In fact, it was one of the first questions I got when I got divorced and is still a question that people ask me. Ueno is my ex-husbands last name. And yes, I will be changing my name personally soon. But first, I'm focusing on the business and this amazing new brand we are unveiling.

What else?!

I am humbled by all that God has done and the role that you have played in my life, both personally and professionally.

You have hired me or prayed for me. You have given me your wisdom or referred me. You have believed in me or cheered me on or celebrated each milestone over the years. Without you, Ann Ueno Interior Design wouldn't exist and thus, our new brand, Studio 790 Interior Design, would not have been born. Thank you doesn't cut it, but, THANK YOU. You are a gift to me and we are better because of you.

Our new website and more on our new brand identity and our new kids business will be unveiling soon and gosh, it has been such a blessing to work with Kelston Marketing again on this project. They have been with me since day one, years and years ago when I created a brand before I created a business. And now, they are as invested as ever in this brand with a goal to serve people, design homes and change lives.

For now, I wanted to share more of my heart, my why and to say thank you.

We love you. The best is still yet to come!

- Ann Ueno


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