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Project Reveal: Embracing Elevated New Traditional That is Family Friendly in North Miami!

Hey there, design enthusiasts! Are you ready for a delightful journey into the world of classic-meets-modern-traditional interior design? Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to our latest North Miami interior design project that will captivate your senses and have you rethink your own your home: Elevated New Traditional Style!

If you crave classic and timeless design but want a fresh twist (ahem, thank you Studio McGee for leading the way), this trend is about to become your new obsession. Join us as we explore how we've seamlessly blended traditional elegance with contemporary elements in the dining room, family room, and living room for the best clients ever in this North Miami project reveal! Okay yes we sound like a broken record but this family is super special to us and it was SUCH an honor to help them give them the house of their dreams.

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Dining Room Delights: The Reimagined Classic

Step into the dining room, where we've curated a space that cherishes tradition while embracing the present. This client hosts a lot. Like a whole lot plus they have three amazing boys so we wanted to ensure the dining room felt elevated but also super comfortable (click the arrow to see the before).

Can we talk about those West Elm dining room chairs? The detail on the back and the performance fabric made them a great choice. You would never guess they were from West Elm!

And here's where the twist comes in – the light fixture! This modern, eye-catching chandelier serves as artistic focal point in the room and the best part is you can see it from almost every vantage point in the house. And the best news is this just went on clearance and is almost 50% off - we strongly recommend if you are in the market for a traditional-meets-modern statement chandelier!

Family Room Fusion: For three boys, a dog, soccer game watching but make it nice and comfortable and elevated like the rest of the house. #nbd #wegotthis

The footprint of this family room is very much straightforward fitting an oversized sectional sofa and across from it, a TV. Our design challenge was to ensure there was cohesion from the rest of the house but that it also worked for the needs of the family and, well, the occasional dog accident and spilling of drinks BECAUSE THIS IS REAL LIFE PEOPLE.

So lets go big on a custom TV unit and lets go practical on the rest of the space, shall we? We shall. Let's start with this gem, perfect for watching Messi score all the goals, for personal family photos and the perfect blend of creative moments. Oh, and storage. Because again, real life.

So good, right? This is clearly an example where custom made sense and was worth the time and money spent.

Here's the other side of the room before and after, featuring the Crate and Barrel Gather Deep Sofa (that the client found and we approved). This sofa gets hundreds of 5 star reviews and comes in at a great price point - win win. Click on the arrow to see what this room used to look like!

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Living Room Luxury: A Grand Welcome Home

Last but not least, the living room is a true testament to the synergy of classic design and contemporary allure. As you enter into this home, this is the space you enter in to so it's a hybrid of formal living and grand foyer that connects the dining room and kitchen to the family room and wing of bedrooms. And again, given the client hosts a lot, we needed to ensure there was comfortable seating and that the space made everyone feel at home.

In Conclusion: Timeless appeal redefined was completed for this family of five plus one furbaby and dozens and dozens of extended family members!

As we bid adieu to our tour of this Elevated New Traditional interior design project in North Miami, we hope you're inspired to explore this beautiful, classic and practical style for your own home.

Remember, interior design is all about expressing your unique personality and style. So, go ahead and create a space that tells your story, blending tradition and personal touches with modern and comfortable. And in the meantime, you can shop some of our favorite products from this project!

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Drop a comment below and let us know if you're ready to elevate your home with New Traditional Style. Until next time, happy designing! Cheers! 🏠🎉


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