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A Breath of Fresh Style: The Organic Modern Interior Design Makeover in Delray Beach

Here we are - another day, another project reveal. AND WE ARE EXCITED!

Introducing this beautiful Delray Beach single family home where function and style came crashing and created a gorgeous modern makeover. A well-designed, family-centered project that pushed hard on aesthetics and comfort for a growing family's elevated senses.

As you walk into the house, the textured wallpaper paired with a monochromatic design catches your eye and instantly gives a sense of calm and an invitation to, well, stay a while.

This formal living room is perfect for happy hour and morning tea (ahem, that morning light is a showstopper) a time-out for mom to read a book or catch up with a friend. And of course, all the dance parties and late night chats.

From the enhancing curves to the clean lines defining the space. From washable rugs to performance fabrics, no design detail is missed.

We are sort of obsessed (and if you are, too, feel free to snag up some of our favorite products from this room below!)

And just across the way, the formal dining room where all the dinner parties will be taking place, OBVS.

The oval oak table makes a statement: she is sleek, she is warm, and she's inviting. Everyone is welcomed with these black velvet dining chairs. And ohhhh we will forever be obsessed with this Kelly Wearstler lighting story.

Now, for the everyday living for this family, we upgraded this space with a fresh coat of paint, all new furnishings and decor and voila! Storage, an art story, comfort and room to relax, this room epitomizes accessible modern luxury. We carried the curves both because we love them, but also because they are safe for the kiddos! Make no mistake, baby-proofing is possible without the rubbery edge ;)

Shop the room here!

The kitchen and casual dining area flow seamlessly with easy-to-clean materials, perfect for creating family memories for years to come. And we think every home must have a built in banquette because they are WORTH IT. They are practical, get used daily, perfect for casual breakfasts, lunches and dinners, great for working and the list goes on. You can pull up the high chair easily and make it the ultimate family-friendly dining space.

We love this design, but truly what we love most is the thought of all the shared family moments to come, and we're so grateful for our clients pushing our creativity!

Check out the sources below, and don't be afraid to design with your family in mind! It's possible to create family-friendly and beauty in your home...we promise ;)


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