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Traditional Modern Light Fixtures For Every Room in Your Home

I have been working on a client project for the last few months and I had a moment the other day which was this: Man, the lighting story we have going on is epic! The home aesthetic is traditional modern and the hardware and materiality focuses primarily on polished brass and matte black. And I'm totally here for it.

Design by Jenn Feldman

And because you guys always want me to share the products I source, I'm here today doing just that. I've curated 18 traditional modern light fixtures that you can mix and match based on your needs and ALL OF THESE LIGHT FIXTURES WORK TOGETHER so it's so easy.

The thing about these traditional modern light fixtures is that they are timeless - not trendy - and thus, a great investment. From bathroom sconces to dining room chandeliers, just choose your favorite and rest easy knowing it's going to look fab. ;)Shop away and tell me what you think!


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