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Summer Art Series - Bring the Beach Home with Black and White Beach Photography

AUID Summer Art Series II

As we move into the final full month of summer, we are DYING to have summer linger a little longer. Right? And that's why we kicked off this series because you CAN allow summer to linger by bringing it into your home. We started by sharing our Aerial Beach Photography that is always a win in any space.

Next up? Black and white beach photography.

Black and white photography is the art of using different tones of white, gray’s and black to create compelling images. In other words, captivating, irresistible, and powerful!

Who knew the absence of color could do such a thing? We did. ;)

Monochromatic photography existed 35 years before the first time photographers captured the first color photograph image in 1861, and although nowadays we can put a filter to create a black and white photo, the truth is that black and white photography is an art of its own.

For us, there is something about a black and white print that completely changes the mood of a space, from peaceful to romantic, from elegant to balanced. The serenity of white serves as a perfect complement to the drama in black details, and it never fails to create meaningful designs.

Shop this bedroom look!

Black and white beach photography have been part of our designs because the ocean is significant to us, it grounds us, it helps us go back to who we are, it has the power to change our perspective, and much more.

Shop our favorite black and white photography and bring the summer into your home all year long AUID style!

Remember to tag us @annuenointeriordesign and use the hashtag #AUIDInspired

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