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Our Interview with Thom Filicia

You know when you have one of those life moments and you sit there and think "is this really happening?"

Well, that was precisely my sentiment when I was asked to moderate an interview at Kravet with Thom Filicia.

Thom Filicia is both a design pioneer and legend and most of us know him from the hit show from 2003, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I remember watching that show in my twenties and loving the whole cast, especially Thom. So when given the chance to lead and have a personal, intimate conversation with him it was the biggest yes!

Ann Lopez of Studio 790 and Thom Filicia

Coming off of the heels of the launch of his beautiful new Latitude Collection with Kravet, we spent the afternoon sipping Prosecco, taking it back to his childhood, the influences in his life, how living in upstate New York has influenced his design style (appropriately deemed "American Chic") and a whole lot of laughter in between.

Funny story. When I arrived at Kravet I was talking with the regional VP and pulled him aside and looked him straight in the eye and asked "is Thom nice or is he one of those..." and before I could finish he emphatically said "oh, he's SO nice. We love him. Very down to earth. You're going to love him."

Well, he couldn't have been more spot on. Thom is a salt-of-the-earth, hilarious, genuine gent that after getting to know him better left me wanting to spend hours and hours with him.

He's magnetic and has so many stories. First, when he was a tween he fully knew the architecture name and history of home styles, roof types and felt that was normal. HA! People go to do design and architecture school for that and meanwhile, out of the womb, this was clear for him.

Studio 790 Interior Design, Ann Lopez, Thom Filcia and Kravet Inc

He got in trouble for drawing houses on his desk as a kid.

Growing up in Upstate New York has a massive impact on his design DNA and who he is as a person - down-to-earth and elevated.

He has a rescue dog named Lago.

He got stuck in an elevator in NYC and the people he met led to him getting the opportunity for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

He likes to host barefoot - giving people a sense of comfort and casual as they are in his home (but make no mistake, the culinary and cocktail experience may just require some Gucci shoes).

His design aesthetic is American Chic.

He would rearrange furniture and hide things he didn't like of his moms in their butler pantry, AS YOU DO.

His least favorite word is no.

The sound he hates the most is the word no. Ha ha ha.

He has a showroom in NYC named Sedwick and Brattle which is the corner he grew up on.

Thom is truly a gem of a human and such an icon. His roots keep him grounded but let's be honest, this guy is riddled with success and his take on life and design is contagious.


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