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Project Reveal// New Traditional Living (Multi-Room Refresh Inspired by Studio McGee).

We are back with another project reveal! Nothing like a good design challenge and the feeling when you walk into a space where you can already see the before and the after in your head. This is precisely how we felt walking into this living and dining room. We could see the potential in the space and most importantly, we could see the desire of our clients to have their home represent more of who they are!

Take a look at how it started...

Now take a look at how it's going...

First things first, updating floors and paint made a world of difference and set the tone for the design to come to life. The furniture and décor in a room can only do so much and we are grateful our clients caught on to the vision and followed through with the changes.

Now let’s talk about those high ceilings, arched windows, and different levels, working with the essence of the home while updating it was also a fun design challenge that we loved, your home can be beautiful as is, with no need to rip and replace everything in it, enter this new traditional living a multi- room refresh inspired by Studio McGee.

Speaking of details, we love the potential of open shelves because, you guessed it - styling!

Check out our favorite Threshold designed w/Studio McGee Target styling finds!

We couldn't be happier about the result, the risk we took, and the feelings we all shared as we walked out of this new space. But don't take our word for it, take a look at this INSANELY KIND note from our client:

Pam, Ann, Billy: The house looks so refreshed and new. It's exciting and I feel like I can honestly take the next steps towards the future. It's amazing how we hold on to the past or we don't take risks and we stay STUCK.

I am honored and blessed to have been able to work with you. You are amazing individuals who listened to me (and Michael - Ha!) and used your gifts to navigate through the vision that was so hard for me to articulate. You have God given gifts and I can see you living in your purpose. Pam you are so thoughtful and your attention to detail is beyond incredible. Watching you work as you methodically placed items on my bookshelves was pretty amazing. Thank you, Pam... for caring enough about my little casita to ensure it was left "just right".

I love the Studio 790 pillow covers. I think they might be my favs. Thank you so much for those. We are done with this little project for now but I have hopes for a kitchen touchup, downstairs bathroom remodel and living area. I wouldn't be happy unless it had the AUID touch. But.. we'll get to those in due time.

I recall the day that I reached out to Ann in the first place. It was an Instagram post about life/faith and somehow design was woven into it. I knew right then.. AUID was the place to go. God sends you the right people. He is so faithful in that isn't He? Sending you amazing ladies much love and thanks from our whole family. Looking forward to the next project.

Be well and have an amazing summer.


Cheers to new beginnings, to getting unstuck and to working with brilliant, kind, thoughtful clients! Like this space as much as we do? Shop the project here.


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