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Monogram Waves Wallpaper Launch!

Let's pop the champagne, it's finally here! Introducing my monogram waves wallpaper collection that is now available on for purchase! I have been working on this project for so long (ahem, two years) and it has been nothing short of a dream come true watching it come to fruition. From multiple design rounds to color testing to operationalizing and fully executing this to launch day, this project has been a labor of love. Of BIG LOVE.

Wallpaper has been with me since I was a little girl, thanks to my mother. I remember the days she would bring home the wallpaper books and we would page through each beautiful design and pattern until the choice was made. And then rolls would arrive in all of their glory and my mom would get to work installing. Yes, my mom installs wallpaper (to this day) because she's that good. And now, as an interior designer, wallpaper is always on my brain and I am sourcing it so often for clients because I truly believe it sets a home a part and makes a room and environment that much better.

And you guys!! What makes this wallpaper so special is the ability to personalize it for your home by monogramming it with up to three letters. Once you place an order, the wallpaper will be custom made uniquely for you.

And the waves. I was really intentional about the wave design as it is such a representation of how our lives ebb and flow. Fierce and big, subtle and calm. A wave is the occurrence of a feeling or an emotion, a symbol of past and forthcoming events. I wanted THIS for your home. A beautiful symbol of an event, a victory, a moment of love or hope, surrounding a space and offering purpose for the people who get to consume it.

The Monogram Waves Wallpaper comes in 5 different colors: black, light gray, sage green, muted salmon, and slate blue. It is also available in 3 different sized panels. This project is coming straight from my heart into your home. So without further ado, I present the AUID Monogram Waves Wallpaper! I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed creating it.


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