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Introducing The Idea Center Space at Miami Dade College West Campus!

A space is a powerful tool and can foster engagement, evoke creativity and innovation. When we were approached by The Idea Center at Miami Dade College to create a space that would bring all of that and more, we said, HECK YES! Creating a space for the next generation? Oh yeah. This is going to be good.

The Idea Center at MDC is, "the college's groundbreaking hub of innovation, the place where students from all disciplines can gather, collaborate and take advantage of resources and training to develop their entrepreneurial ideas. Through cutting-edge entrepreneurship education, professional development and experiential learning."

The thought that Studio 790 would take part in inspiring and invigorating the minds of generations to come gave us the fuel we needed to create what they were looking for. Our vision was to to give every student the opportunity to learn, grow, collaborate and gain confidence in a space that feels like home but motivates work and action. Furthermore, the space capitalized on The Idea Center Vision: to make creative, innovative and entrepreneurial ideas come true for all Miami Dade College students and community members.

Alas, we took the space from this: dark, not versatile and uninspiring.

To the high level creative direction: moody and motivated.

And finally, to the finished product: bold, inspiring, ready to make creative and business dreams happen!

The editorial design direction included young, fun, startup, tech, living space/living home, welcoming and hospitable, experiential. We want students to learn and grow but feel at home in doing so. Two things led the charge for this design: The bold and energetic wall mural and the neon sign that is meant to speak to the hearts of everyone using the space. And the rest fell together by way of versatile furnishings, an intentional gallery wall, branded paint and an overall lively design story.

We can't decide which print is our favorite..."dale que tu puede" or "The 305." Either way, WELCOME TO MIAMI, BIENVENIDOS A MIAMI-AMI!

One of the key asks of the client was multipurpose and multifunction. We did this with key furnishings - a sofa and coffee table to sit back and relax, a writing desk for studying or quiet reading (or, ahem, writing) and round tables with chairs for collaborating and sharing ideas. And when it's time for a keynote speaker or fireside chat, the furniture is easy to move and easy to create micro spaces.

It was such a pleasure designing this space for The Idea Center at Miami Dade College West Campus. We can't wait to see all the great ideas that will come out of this room. After all, the future is yours to create ;)

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