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8 Resources to Start - or Grow - Your Interior Design Business

Are you an interior designer who loves the designing part of your job but finds yourself up at night trying to figure out how to actually run a business? Do you wish you had a toolbox of resources available at your fingertips that you don’t have to google, watch YouTube videos, and vet? Are you thinking, “Will someone just tell me what I need to do?”

Well, I’ve got your back and I want nothing more than for you to build a successful interior design business!

The business side of owning an interior design company can be overwhelming and what I’ve seen is SO MANY incredibly talented people don’t start - or don’t grow - because they don’t have the tools to guide them on the business side. Their lack of confidence on the business side prevents them from flourishing creatively, stepping into their purpose.

I’m on a mission to stop that and it’s no coincidence I am here today with a growing team, a business coaching program, selling digital and physical products, leading a well over 6 figure *profitable* business just 3 years in.

I want to share every single thing that helped me - and didn’t help me - which is why I created my toolbox of Interior Designer Education Resources.

But first, we suggest you start with our most robust and carefully curated guide yet - the ultimate guide for aspiring or new interior designers: 8 Resources to Start or Grow Your Interior Design Business.

We spent a lot of time carefully considering each area of the business to deliver you this free guide. These are all tools I use every day and I WISH SOMEONE HAD GIVEN THIS TO ME WHEN I STARTED!

Don’t waste one more minute wondering. Don’t let your lack of business acumen stop you from being a successful interior designer. Don’t let fear win. Don’t let lack of confidence win.

Win by taking the first step - or maybe even the 10th step - and GET THIS GUIDE TODAY!


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