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Boho and Bright Home Decor for Spring (yes, Spring!)

I realize it's still chilly in most of the country BUT, I say it's time to think SPRING! Sunshine, running weather, bright colors and all the home updates are in your future. Thus, this edition of #moodboardmonday is featuring one of my favorite home stores that I don't think many people think about when they think of home decor and furniture: Urban Outfitters Home

I source from them a lot. I'm inspired by them a lot. And, anyone who is related to Anthropologie will always have my heart. So I curated some of my favorite Spring finds that I think could make all the difference in your home. Be it your sunroom, bathroom, kitchen or even a kids space, I've intentionally sourced the items below that are classic, interesting and will bring a bit more joy to your space. From books to art, wallpaper (which would be SO cute in a kids bathroom!) to furniture, I have a feeling you will love ;)

You can shop everything below as well - easy peasy. And hang in there...spring IS coming!

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