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Bathroom Inspiration - Brass Hardware and Fixtures

Bathroom design by Ann Ueno Interior Design

A design trend I'm really loving lately is brass bathroom hardware. Some may say I'm bringing brass back, but I say it never really left! Out of the last 10 bathrooms I've designed, 8 of them included brass hardware and fixtures and I am not mad about it for one second.

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These gorgeous brass hardware pieces can really elevate the design of any bathroom in your home. And since you guys are always asking me to share the products I source, I'm sharing some of my latest and greatest finds that I am using in my designs right now. From drawer pulls to shower heads, we've got your brass bathroom fixtures and hardware covered!

Okay so tell me, will brass ever go out of style or is it here to stay? I think it's here to stay, especially when integrated in the right way in a space!

Bathroom design by Ann Ueno Interior Design


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