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AUID is in the March/April 2022 Issue of HGTV Magazine!

We are insanely honored and humbled and EXCITED to share that yes, we are featured in the March/April issue of HGTV Magazine.

Like yeah, that magazine.


The magazine I’ve been reading since their first issue release in 2012. And of course, the interior design media leader that we all have spent hundreds of hours watching every single flip and flop and love it and list it and property brothers and my personal favorite, Trading Spaces.

I have literally dreamt of being featured in this magazine. Like so many designers, of course. So when I received the email from the Deputy Photo Director and the Assistant Editor (that first went to my junk mail - yyyeeeaaaaaahhhh - thank God they followed up or I would have missed it!) asking if they could feature our project I almost fell off of my chair.

I had to do a double take, read the email a few times and then quickly respond YES OF COURSE!!!!


You guys. Honestly. Is this real life?

It is. AND I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE IT. God is too good.

And yet again, I am here to tell you for the 600th time - FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS (and pray all the prayers). If this girl (ahem almost 42-year-old) from a farm town in Illinois can make HGTV magazine with no formal design education after only 3 years of officially being in business, anyone can do anything. I am sure of it.

I am also here to tell you that because a friend of mine (and her husband) took a chance on me years ago and hired me, our work got featured. Their master bedroom got featured in HGTV magazine. This incredible couple has been one of the greatest blessings for my design career and to AUID and this project we recently finished was the 4th one we have worked on together. Oh and NBD, it’s now printed in one of the most well-known design publications during my birthday month nonetheless.

BECAUSE THEY TOOK A CHANCE ON ME. They believed in my dreams, prayed for me and now we are about to embark on our 5th project. This is what happens when you invest and believe in the underdog. You make a dream come true.

And this also is NOT possible without my amazing photographer, Jackie Knabben. She is basically my business life line...because as it turns out, if you want to be an interior designer, you need to have a professional photographer. And I hit the jackpot with Jackie to say the least.

Here is the entire feature with other incredibly designed bedrooms!

Okay, we are going to go pop some bubbly and celebrate for the next month.



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