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Gallery Wall Ideas: 10 spaces to inspire you for your next gallery wall project.

If you have followed along my interior design journey, you will know this: I LOVE gallery walls. LOVE THEM. I’m not entirely sure where I developed this deep love but I think it had to do with my mom and grandmother who both had their walls filled with beautiful portraits.

The beauty of a gallery wall is they can be simple, refined and symmetrical or messy and robust and energetic and both yield the same outcome: character and interest.

I have designed dozens and dozens of gallery walls for both clients and myself and the outcome has never been regretted. Ever. So if you are looking for a way to update a room on a budget, consider a gallery wall.

Here are 10 gallery wall ideas to help inspire you for your next project!

1. Gallery wall idea: Robust, colorful and energetic.

2. Gallery wall idea: Maximalist, colorful and earthy.

3. Gallery wall idea: Personal, simple and classic.

4. Gallery wall idea: Modern and artistic.

5.. Gallery wall idea: Layered (wallpaper), personal and classic.

6. Gallery wall idea: Energetic, themed and bold.

7. Gallery wall idea: Personal, black and white, classic.

8. Gallery wall idea: Neutral, organic, clean.

9. Gallery wall idea: Boho, black and white, personal.

10. Gallery wall idea: Mixed modern and natural.

PSST... want a head start on the gallery wall of your dreams? I created a freebie just for you. Get my step by step guide on How to Create a Gallery Wall today!


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