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From Vision to Reality: A Coworking Space at The Idea Center at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus

The Idea Center has always been at the forefront of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship which is reason number 588 why we love this client so much and the reason we shouted a strong yes to create a coworking space at their new Homestead Campus location. The college's commitment to providing a platform for creators, innovators, students, and small business owners has found a vibrant and inspiring space Miami Dade College Homestead Campus and we are here to show and tell ;)

Today we are super fired up to take you on a journey through this coworking space reveal, where we aimed to enhance the environment for collaboration, ideation, and creativity.

Creating a multifunctional space was a top priority in our project at The Idea Center, Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. We aimed to design a versatile environment that could seamlessly adapt to various activities, from collaborative brainstorming sessions to formal presentations and networking events. By carefully selecting furniture, layout, and design elements, we successfully crafted a space that can cater to the ever-changing needs of entrepreneurs, innovators, and students, making it an ideal hub for a wide range of activities and experiences. But before we got to the end result, we had to start at the drawing board... or should we say the moodboard (see what we did there.)

When we began this project, the space was still under construction. We had multiple site visits with our team to get a better feel for the space architecturally. One side of the room consisted of large curved windows all the way around. Because of the large windows, the room gets lots of natural light and enhances materials, and energizes the space It is indeed a design element like no other. Below are a few progression photos of our site visits.

Bold and Vibrant Design

One of the most striking features of The Idea Center is the bold patterned wallpaper adorning the ceiling. The vibrant and energetic design sets the tone for the entire space. It captures the essence of creativity and innovation, inviting all who enter to think beyond the ordinary.

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Diverse Seating Options

To facilitate productive brainstorming sessions and discussions, we introduced an array of seating options. From traditional chairs and tables to cozy curved sofa, our goal was to cater to every individual's comfort and needs. The variety of seating options ensures that The Idea Center can accommodate diverse working styles and preferences. Remember how I mentioned that the room had a section of curved windows, well we strategically chose the curved sofa which speaks to the architecture of the space. Placed strategically at the center of the room, this unique piece of furniture encourages individuals to come together, collaborate, and share their ideas. Its design allows for face-to-face interactions and fosters an environment where innovation flourishes.

In our endeavor to make The Idea Center at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus a multifunctional space, we didn't stop at the main area. We also dedicated ourselves to creating a small conference room that was equally vibrant and inspiring. To infuse this room with a sense of local heritage and history, we designed a captivating gallery wall. This gallery wall serves as a visual journey through the rich history of Homestead and the Redlands, featuring historical photographs, documents, and iconic figures. At the heart of the room, a remarkable historical aerial photo of the Redlands in 1934 takes center stage, providing a unique perspective of the area's evolution. The gallery wall also pays tribute to influential figures such as Henry Flagler, who left an indelible mark on the region. This small conference room now stands as a captivating space where the past and present converge, serving as a source of inspiration for all who gather within its walls.

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Our project at The Idea Center, Miami Dade College Homestead Campus, has transformed the space into a vibrant, innovative, and welcoming environment. The bold patterned wallpaper on the ceiling, diverse seating options, and the iconic curved sofa have all played a role in fostering collaboration, ideation, and creativity.

The Idea Center is more than just a space; it's a catalyst for inspiration and innovation. We're SO proud to have been part of this exciting journey and we look forward to the incredible ideas and ventures that will emerge from this unique hub at Miami Dade College Homestead Campus. As we embrace the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape, remember that progress is driven by those who dare to think differently. So, within this vibrant and versatile environment, we encourage everyone to step outside their comfort zones, explore new perspectives, and, above all, think differently.


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