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Friend - this product is for YOU!  I listed out my checklist I use to launch and reveal my projects.  You don't have to think about it again - from SEO, to publishing on platforms you may not have thought about to all of my pro-tips, I've done the work for you!  This marketing checklist will save you time (and thus, money), it will help you garner maximum exposure across many platforms and it will ensure you don't forget a thing.


More specifically, the guide touches on:


  1. Naming your files
  2. Sneak peeks
  3. All platforms to publish on (and how) - including the one that has generated over 6 figures of revenue for me in the last 4 months
  4. The importance of Pinterest text layer vertical photos
  5. Samples of content from my own project reveals (making it easy to emulate!)
  6. And so much more!


The biggest bonus is I give you all my pro tips and my examples you can emulate making it SO EASY FOR YOU!


I have searched for this for myself for months and months and I coudn't find something so I decided to create it and I know it will help you.

For Interior Designers! Marketing Checklist for Launching Your Project

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