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Gentle reminder - processes means EVERYTHING in our business and if you don't have 'em, well, you likely are wasting time (ahem, money).  This guide solves a big challenge we all face - ensuring the client is educated about you, how you run your business, your processes, pricing and expectations related to working with you.


In this template, you get 21 editable slides that you can fully customize with your brand fonts, colors and photos that break down the following:


  1. About you and your business
  2. Your portfolio at a glance
  3. Your services
  4. Your processes
  5. What to expect
  6. FAQs
  7. How to reach you


I've left most of my content in there so you can see how I present my processes and expectations to my potential clients.  This document will help you:


  1. Ensure you are getting the right client
  2. Ensure your process - once the client has signed - is smooth and seamless
  3. Ensure YOU are running YOUR business and not the other way around (we've all been there!)
  4. Outline the hard stuff upfront - get it out of the way!
  5. Make sure the client can afford you/your services


This document, as part of my client curation process, has allowed me to garner my dream clients and generate more revenue along the way.  I also add a note in my contract that indicates they have read and agreed to my investment guide - this also helps!



Client Investment Guide for Interior Designers

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