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Urban Outfitters Spring 2020 Collection is LIT

As I was sourcing for a client, desperate to find the most perfect, on-budget bedroom furniture, I landed on Urban Outfitters. And then I landed on their perfectly merchandised homepage banner with the most perfect rattan storage cabinet. And then I landed on their Spring 2020 furniture collection and I was done. If Urban Outfitters does nothing else besides trendy furniture that doesn't break the bank, SIGN ME UP.

I went down the retail rabbit hole and started curating my favorite products, simultaneously mentally redesigning my dining room and family room. Copy, paste. Copy, paste. I did this for you, people. Because my husband will kill me if I buy one more thing our home so I hope you can shop away. But if you are looking for a serene, modern space or perhaps just some new elements to layer onto what you have, you've come to the right place.

Oh and I did find the bedroom set for my clients. From UO. And they approved instantly. So it's a win-win for everyone.

Check out the full Urban Outfitters Spring 2020 Furniture Collection if this isn't your jam. It's likely something else is because they are crushing their designs rn.




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