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Summer Art Series - Bring the Beach Home with Aerial Beach Photography!

Summer is in full effect and we had this aha moment - let's bring summer into your home all year around. We do this for clients ALL THE TIME, so let us share with you how to enhance your home with aerial beach photography.

After all, beaches have the ability to ease our senses and give us a sense of calm. Maybe it's the sound of the waves crashing against the shore or the infinite view of the ocean, maybe even the smell of the salty air.

When designing homes, we are always inspired by nature, and we love to bring the outdoors- indoors through ART, in this summer series we will be sharing our most loved art sources and tips on how to make your home feel like summer- an AUID design essential.

In this category you can splurge with collector pieces from Gray Malin (our favorite) or save with stunning prints found on Etsy, there is no right or wrong. The purpose of this is to inspire you to bring the summer feels into your home and capture all that the ocean and beach mean to you.

Why do we love aerial beach photography for the home? Because you can find bold and colorful prints to brighten any space for an eclectic vibe or a monochromatic piece for a minimalist look. the possibilities are endless!

This summer vibe is suitable for all design styles and budgets. You certainly don’t need a summer beach house or cottage to bring in aerial beach photography. Try it in your living room, dining room, powder room - even in your laundry room if you need the inspiration. The ocean has the power to make any space better!

We're on a mission to create and bring approachable luxury to everyone, and we want you to shop our favorite prints and let us know how you decide to style beach photography in your home! Tag @annuenointeriordesign in your photos and use the hashtag #AUIDInspired.

Don't wait to go to the beach; bring the beach home.



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