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Studio 790 is FIVE!

It's hard to even type this without getting emotional. WE ARE FIVE. STUDIO 790 IS FIVE! CINCO! WHAT?!

When I started this business I had no idea what God would do with it and as I sit here today, I am in awe at His grace, goodness and favor over the last five years. And it is of no coincidence that the number five literally means God's grace, goodness and favor toward humans. It's crazy because grace, goodness and favor are words I use ALL THE DANG TIME when I talk about this business. Now I know why.

This business and what we have done together to help the world become better is a testament to the fact that God still does miracles. Every aspect of it is a miracle in motion, riddled with grace.

The clients we get to serve.

The growth the team has had.

The breakthroughs the individuals on the team have gone through.

The intimate and special moments we've had with clients.

The celebrations.

The ways we've been able to help our local and national communities.

The joy we get every single day working together and serving people.

The business we get to build together.

The dreams that are becoming realities.

The list goes on and on on and on. YAY for it all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

But listen up because if you know me, you know I'm real and authenticity is at my core. I want to encourage someone out there today as while it's so clear God's hands is in this, that doesn't mean the hard stuff hasn't existed or that we are immune to mistakes.

I started this business with approximately ZERO idea on how to be an entrepreneur and certainly, without the technical skills of running a business. I had no MBA. No design degree. And still don't. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP, YOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANY! Ha ha ha.

I stumbled. I still do daily.

I remember in 2019 going to Chase asking to open up a business bank account and didn't have my business registered or set up with the state of Florida OR the IRS. I walked out of those doors a bit embarrassed but one step closer to making this dream a reality (it's all perspective, right?).

I've made hiring mistakes.

We launched a bunch of things that didn't work (a wallpaper line and a pillow collection to name a couple).

I've made design mistakes.

One year we ended the year fully in the red.

I've had seasons where I prioritized this business over my family.

I've been on my knees begging God for help dozens of times.

We've gotten fired by clients.

I've missed paying tax bills and been sent "surprise" threats from the IRS.

At times, my ego has gotten in the way of growth and miracles.

Early on I felt this business was for me and BOY WAS I WRONG.

I've been paralyzed from making decisions (not a quality you want in a leader by any stretch of the imagination).

People! It hasn't been easy But it has been more worth it than almost anything in my life. In our lives here at Studio 790. And frankly, I don't want it to be easy because easy isn't where the elite are made. Easy isn't where we see the miracles. Easy is comfortable and not supernatural. The challenges and road blocks and failures are what produce the fruit. Are what refine us and truly make us better and equip us for our next levels. Are what make us lean more on God. That's where I want to lead this business from - surrendered in action to the one who designed us and made us for such a time as this!

Grace. Goodness.


Cheers to five years.

To never missing the miracles that are in motion.

To celebrating constantly.

To the team behind the scenes CRUSHING IT.

To the answered prayers and the unanswered prayers.

To the many years ahead.

To dreaming, designing and delivering.

It's so clear to me the best is yet to come and God has even more for everyone who is a part and who will be a part of Studio 790 Interior Design!



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