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Project Reveal // The Oceanfront Oasis

To say there is no better feeling than getting photos back from a finished project is an understatement. It's like Christmas morning when I get the glorious text that my photographer has finished editing the photos and they are ready for review. Well, this project was no different but it was a bit more special than most.

I kicked off this project almost two years ago with a very specific inspiration: one of my favorite penthouses in all of Miami (which of course, is at the W and yes, I am biased). Neutral but playful, elegant but comfortable. Views for days. I unraveled and re-raveled my vision, presented it and the clients gave me a strong yes.


I won't go into all the specifics of the design, the finishings and furniture as that will be for a later date. But let's just say Ann Sacks, Gray Malin, Serena and Lily and Hinkley Lighting were a part of all of this and I wasn't mad at all. Not to mention the best Room and Board coffee table and the most incredible Terrazzo floors from Naturali. Okay okay, I'll save the rest for later.

For now, we will focus on visual eye candy at this Hollywood oceanfront oasis. Grounded with nature, peppered with personality and designed with love, this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom snowbird home is one of my favorites (all credit to the clients who were literally the perfect clients and a dream to work with).

Photo Credits: Jackie Knabben


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