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Project Reveal// Modern Coastal Kitchen - Partial Renovation

You already know this, but we love designing kitchens and bathrooms. Like LOVE it. So much that when this project knocked on our doors we knew this was a design challenge we didn’t want to refuse! Why? Because it was for a partial kitchen renovation. AKA the bones were good but the client needed an island, more cabinetry, new backsplash, new lighting and a few more design details to make it the kitchen of their dreams.

Okay so what does that REALLY mean?

A partial renovation means you remove and replace parts of your kitchen that need to be updated or improved. It means you can keep what works and enhance it to make it more beautiful and functional. As you can see, not all our projects involve a full demolition, and we love that we can offer flexibility to our dear clients.

Now, let’s talk about the specifics of this project because if you are thinking this could be your kitchen, the answer is YES!!!

The added storage, added counter space, and a little dry bar for mom and dad to unwind are all the possibilities we envisioned the first time we walked into this kitchen.

As per usual, we had a little fun when designing this kitchen and not only did we make it functional, but we also made it beautiful by adding an island (that we recommended painting Sherwin Williams Languid Blue). This stands out, adds more storage, more seating for casual meals, and expands the counter space - prime real estate for a busy family! ADD THE ISLAND, PEOPLE!

Another design choice we made was to add a new, more refined modern backsplash. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen this is one of the most manageable changes you can start with. Whether you love a classic subway tile or want to have fun with mosaic patterns, backsplashes not only protect your walls, they also add instant value!

So, if you think that your kitchen is not terrible, or has potential but don’t know where to start we are here for you. Let’s make kitchen magic together!!!

Love this blue kitchen as much as we do? Shop the room here.


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