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Project Reveal// Mid-Mod Boho House

When the bones of the house are epic and your interior designer self can’t help but think about all the ways you want to highlight the unique architecture, original terrazzo, and natural light - THAT IS THIS PROJECT FOR US!

This project was extra special because every design detail was intended to give this older home a new feel without modernizing it too much. Say hello to our latest project reveal - the Mid-mod boho house in Morningside, Florida.

Old but make it new.

With a direct view of the beautiful outdoors from the front door, this chandelier and arched wall evoke all the mid-mod vibes. And don't even get us started on the original terrazzo flooring.

Layers of texture and visual interest from the walls to the floors make this living room feels cozy and cool. The best part? This living room is livable, comfortable and purposeful with just the right furniture pieces!

In this beautiful home full of character and detail, nothing is wasted and styling plays a huge part in the function of every corner. From the airy and open kitchen shelving to the original entryway built in and a vignette or two in between, the styling rounded out this mid-mod boho home.

As always, we design for our clients and this bold boho feel is 100% their style merged with the beautiful Mediterranean Revival historic architecture.

Love all the elements as much as we do? Shop this project here.


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