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9 Outdoor Pillows Under $20 (plus a DIY styling bonus!)

It's that time again - #freedesignfriday! I am here today showcasing a very curated (ahem, this took me way longer than I ever thought possible) selection of 9 outdoor pillows under $20. Apparently well-designed outdoor pillows under $20 is actually like a mission impossible situation. But, have no fear, your girl Ann is here.

And here's the best part - we get to play a little game of TIC TAC TOE! Who remembers this? Well, all the moms do of course because now we are playing it with our kiddos. But, not only do you get this selection of outdoor pillows (all sources are linked below), I have also designed it in such a way that any way you play TIC TAC TOE the pillows coordinate. Genius, I know. Bragging aside, I have taken the guesswork out of styling pillows and which combos work well together. Here you have 8 different executions of how to bring 3 styles together.

Which outdoor pillow is your favorite?! Or better yet - which tic tac toe combo is your favorite?

9 Outdoor Pillows Under $20

9 Outdoor Pillows Under $20:

9 outdoor pillows under $20 styled 8 ways


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