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Meet the Team at AUID - Pam Marmolejo

I am beyond excited to introduce you to the incredible team at AUID. I could've never imagined having three amazing powerhouse women as my employees. In true AUID fashion, we thought we'd make this fun, so we sent out a list of questions for the ladies to answer so you can get to know them better. I'm going to be introducing the team to you one by one, and this week, I want to present to you our assistant designer at AUID, Pam Marmolejo!

Hola! My name is Pamela Marmolejo and I'm originally from Colombia. I'm married with two boys (ages 4 & 3) and a dog. I'm currently living my dream as an assistant designer at AUID and I'm not looking back! I began my design career over 7 years ago, but only after I completed Ann's business coaching did I find the courage to pursue my passion for design.

How did you meet Ann?

I met Ann through Vous Church. I saw her serve every Sunday at JDD setting up the "The Best is Yet to Come" wall with her daughter, Zoey. I then began following her on IG- the rest is history LOL.

What's your favorite thing about working at AUID?

My favorite thing about working at AUID is EVERYTHING... especially their passion for design and for people. Ann is bold in her designs and in life. She leads by example and I know her heart and soul are poured daily into all she does. At AUID, there is purpose beyond what we can see and I am honored to be part of the team. Also, I LOVE all the girl power representing her brand.

What attracts you to the field of Interior Design?

Since I was a little girl, I would always draw home interiors. I would rearrange my room and paint with watercolors and oil paints. Art and color inspire me and because of that, I feel Interior Design comes naturally to me. With every room I walk into, I always feel like I have to "fix it" in my head. I'll walk by and straighten the crooked frame or organize the pillows LOL... weird, I know.

2021 is in full effect - tell us your peak and pit so far!

2021 is my best year yet! The peak is that God has opened the door to opportunities that I'm still trying to understand, and as I write this I feel like maybe I don't need to understand them. I just need to believe that His plans for my life are far better than what I can even imagine. Also, in 2021 I'm walking in obedience into the promises of God and so the pit looks like me closing a very important chapter of my professional life. Still, I'm very grateful for the past 52 days!

Covid has been hard - really hard. But it also has come with some surprise blessings. Tell us something that has been GOOD for you during this pandemic!

THIS RIGHT HERE: In 2020, I had the most wonderful opportunity to pause, to reset and refocus on what I love. This pandemic gave me the perspective and hope I needed to realize life is too short to not be doing what you love (and yes, I realize that is not as easy as it sounds). Doing what you love means starting over from 0 at 35 years old, and leaving behind the comfort of secure paycheck every month to fully depend on God and His calling on my life.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Colombian arepas- hands down LOL

What is one social media account you follow and CANNOT live without?

AUID of course and Mallory Nikolaus Home. I love her DIY content and the fact that she has 5 boys.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

Tulum (Mexico), all inclusive ADULTS only resort LOL

What is your enneagram?

Enneagram 1- with a twist of 8 hahaha i am the reformer and a little bit of the challenger in one.

Reels or Tik Tok?

Reels - I need to open a Tik Tok account ;)

Single or married?

Married for 12 years!

Dogs or cats?

Both! There's something about cats that I love.

Favorite Netflix show?

What is Netflix? Ha ha...I only watch Disney+ but my favorite show is Bluey, a cartoon.

Perfect Saturday night...ready...go!

Dinner at Pubbelly Sushi followed by drinks at home on the terrace.

One thing you WILL to accomplish in 2021:

I WILL become a full time Interior Designer in 2021.

One thing nobody knows about you (and now a lot of people know):

I love to drive in absolute silence (sorry Ann, I know you love music while you drive LOL).


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