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It's Here! The Inside Look at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Paddock Club Suites.

Alas, we are here celebrating a successful project surrounded by some of the best of the best in the business, including NKrush, the team at F1 Miami Grand Prix and the extended team at Hard Rock Stadium. We have to lead with this because while the project matters, the people we worked with mattered more. The teams were best in class, collaborative, kind, smart, creative and pushed us to new limits. From the moment we were hired, we were part of the greater team and were treated with such respect. They taught us, challenged us and we all are better because of the partnership. Forever grateful for that.

Now, onto the project. Studio 790 Interior Design was hired to create a luxurious and hospitable Paddock Club Suite Experience for the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix. More specifically, we were tasked with designing roughly 28,000 square feet of space across 7 Paddock Club Suites. We studied, dreamed, space planned, problem solved, designed, curated thousands of products, managed the budget, managed the vendors, installed, styled. In just under 5 months. And had the best. time. ever. What a dream.

And now, we are here to show you in the inside look at all 7 of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix Paddock Club Suites! Admittedly, it's hard to reveal such a large project so check out the visual summary below and be sure to follow along over on Instagram where we will share more detailed design details.

Without further ado, let's check out these 7 spaces in no particular order...

Suite 1: Managing Partner Paddock Club Suite

Square Footage: 4,000

Design Story: Introducing Miami American Riviera. Inspired by The Four Seasons at The Surf Club, here we will be hosting history and dare we say, making history? We dare. Tailor made like a French suit, this design evokes a classic, stately, yet warm and inviting feeling that is meant to be lived in. Paying homage to both the racing green hue and the tropics of Miami, the environment carries a memorable mood, evoking a sense of comfort and belonging. Grab a scotch, kick back and prepare yourself for a weekend to remember!

Fun Facts: Gosh, where do we start? First, the managing partner was lovely to work with and when you work with great people, it often comes through in the design and always makes the process encouraging and fun. Second, we added some fun elements like personal photography, an amazing Vestaboard with rad quotes and some 1990's rap books to pay homage to his love of that music genre. And let's be honest, anyone who likes Dr. Dre is a friend of ours.

Suite 2: AutoNation Paddock Club Suite

Square Footage: 1,300

Design Story: Introducing Magic City. Natural, tropical, warm and approachable would be a few of many words to describe this design. From the tropical undertone that surrounds the guests and the pops of brand colors for AutoNation, this design was a perfect blend of Miami magic, elevated and approachable with all of the Instagrammable moments.

Keeping it Real: The week of installation we had to do an *almost* complete redesign of the space, much related to the floor plan and occupancy and a bit to do with the design itself. But the team kept a great attitude, only a few moments of panic took place and we did it. And the client was happy. And that's all that mattered. The end. ;)

Suite 3: J.P. Morgan Paddock Club Suite

Square Footage: 3,200

Design Story: Introducing Tropical Noir. This bold yet classic tropical aesthetic paired with light coastal features is inspired by the unique combination of the lush tropical environment of Miami and the elevated, high-speed world of Formula 1.

This design concept is meant to reflect the dynamic and daring spirit of Formula 1. The use of bold black, lush tropical elements, and light coastal features are all chosen to create a cohesive and inviting space that feels fresh and modern, while also paying homage to the unique environment and culture of Miami.

And the Award for Most Challenging Design Goes...This Suite! This design and floor plan went through the most iterative and creative rounds but we feel yielded one of the most unique designs, making the effort a total payoff! Often when we are challenged the most we end up with an end result that is better than we could have envisioned. And that's exactly what happened here. We learned a TON working with the extended team and the J.P. Morgan design teams and we are grateful for it all and no question, we are better because of the way we were pushed and how we grew as a result.

Suite 4: Formula 1 Paddock Club Suite

Square Footage: 4,000

Design Story: Introducing Tropical Velocity. Inspired by the thrilling world of Formula 1, this design brings together the lushness of a tropical paradise, the elegance of gold and marble accents, and the warmth of terracotta-colored furniture. The natural tropical wallpaper creates an immersive environment, while gold and marble elements add a touch of timeless luxury. This design captures the essence of speed and opulence, combining the excitement of Formula 1 by way of bold photography and the tranquility of a tropical oasis. A perfect race weekend locale!

Fun Fact: We were given permission during the designs to use a newly introduced color to the F1 brand - terracotta. While we were a bit nervous because that color has MANY different hues, the F1 team approved the design and loved the space. WIN WIN!

Suite 5: Private Paddock Club Suite

Square Footage: 1,600

Design Story: Introducing South Beach Serenity. Inspired by The One Hotel and the desirability of South Beach as one of the most coveted vacation destinations in the United States, this design evokes a serene, calm and warm emotion. Think of it as our very own Serena and Lily oasis. With nature at the core, there are layers of wood, durable textiles and a surrounding of greens to pull the story together.

And the Award for Easiest Design Goes to...This Suite! Perhaps because we are in South Florida and the trend of natural, tropical design is a thing, this one was a seamless design. And every single person that saw this space as we installed LOVED it. It was truly a crowd favorite and we were asked dozens of times if we could recreate this for the various people who came through the space.

Suite 6: MIA Club Suite

Square Footage: 9,000

Design Story: Introducing Speed Meets Serenity. This Paddock Club suite combines the lushness of a natural tropical green wallpaper with the warmth of natural wood furniture and the crispness of white furnishings. The green wallpaper evokes a sense of serenity and immersion in nature, while the wood elements add rustic charm. The white furniture brings a modern and sophisticated touch to the design, creating a harmonious balance. This suite offers a luxurious space where the beauty of nature converges with the elegance of Formula 1.

Fun Fact: This suite was the largest suite and held over 500 people and thus, our greatest design challenge was HOW DO WE FIT THESE PEOPLE WITHOUT IT LOOKING LIKE A CAFETERIA? And we are curious...did we conquer that challenge?!

Suite 7: Miami Dolphins Owner Paddock Club Suite

Square Footage: 4,100

Design Story: Introducing Nature Made in Miami. Inspired by the natural DNA of Amanzoe and the vision of Aman Miami Beach, we have combined layers of both modern and traditional touches and textures to create a space that was a catalyst for culture and connection. But, let's make it more stately, shall we?

Peerless at its core, the space is surrounded by natural wood elements, clean lines paired with organic furnishings and accessories. Modern elegance is at the forefront of this design, but the background invites guests in with comfort and ease.

Not Everyone Can Say: They designed a space the Miami Dolphins owner. Needless to say, we were (and still are) extremely humbled to have had this honor. But let's be honest, we are humbled and honored to have ALL of our clients and never take any project for granted!