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How to Refresh Your Master Bedroom

Well, it's an exciting Monday over here at AUID because it's not just #moodboardmonday, but it's #moodboardmonday brought to you by Joss and Main! How fun, right? Joss and Main reached out to me and asked if I could share how to refresh your master bedroom using only their products.

Challenge accepted!

And per usual, I am giving you the full room so if you want to do it all, have it at it! This one is extra good because it includes wallpaper, furniture and all the fixings and it's just over $3k IN TOTAL. That is a fraction of what most master bedrooms cost these days.

And then, you get an extra bonus as I am also sharing small - but impactful - ways on how to refresh your master bedroom in bite size pieces if you aren't ready for a full overhaul. It's a 2-for-1 deal on this lovely Monday! A full moodboard and a how-to. #winning

1. Round gold accent mirror (or shop all mirrors here)

2. Walnut nightstand (or shop all nightstands here)

3. Walnut dresser (or shop all dressers here)

Now, let's refresh your master bedroom in steps, based on your needs and wants. Here are 6 ways you can refresh your master bedroom:

1. Add a wallpapered accent wall. I am obsessed with wallpaper (understatement) thanks to my mom so this is always my go-to rec. And here I have provided a very classic grasscloth option to give your room texture and warmth. P.S. what is grasscloth wallpaper you ask? It is hand-woven strands of natural fibers on an unpasted rice paper backing. The fibers include hemp, jute, seagrass, arrowroot grass, bamboo and raffia.

2. Update your throw pillows and art. Yes of course you can also just do one or the other. But I view throw pillows and art like the jewelry of the room and they should be cohesive and play off of each other, just like earrings and a bracelet would. I love the color palette I have going on here as it's neutral with a pop of color (my typical design stamp).

3. Create a seating area. Of course this is only applicable if you have the space, but, for those of you who do, this is a great way to make a room feel new again. A rug, a chair and a lamp are the staples of tackling this (perhaps add a foot stool if you think you will be cozying up there with a lot) vignette.

4. Add mirrors above your nightstands. I don't see this done a lot which is probably why I love it. Here I gave you a classic gold mirror, playing off of the hardware on the nightstand. Once styled with books, a picture frame and perhaps a plant, this creates a very interesting bedside look!

5. Incorporate a statement bench. I LOVE this one. It's faux black leather with gold hardware which to me is both classic and bold. Place it at the foot of your bed, on an accent wall with art above it or below a window.

6. Small wins. What do I mean here? Enhance in small ways to make a big impact. Update your lamps. Add an interesting accessory. Hang baskets on your wall. These are just quick and easy and inexpensive ways to elevate your space and give it some new life.


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