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How to Design the Perfect Master Bedroom

Perfect is subjective and a bit dramatic, but, I do believe there are some key ingredients in designing your master bedroom that will help with comfort, joy and your functional needs. I would venture to guess most people are sleeping in a bedroom that hasn't been designed on purpose or with much intention. Because either you don't think you are a good designer or you don't care or you don't have time.

The below ingredients, focusing on how to design the perfect master bedroom, will help you re-think where you are spending half of your life. HALF OF YOUR LIFE PEOPLE! I don't know about you, but I want to make sure my bedroom is not an after thought in my home. It should be the first room in your home that you should want to design on purpose and with keen attention.

Without getting too much into the psychology, I simply wanted to share my master bedroom design recipe. I hope it encourages and inspires you to tackle this project!

Here is a master muse from one of my clients that we will use as the main course for this little how-to:

White Bedding. It never fails, always looks clean and feels crips. It's easy to update your room when you have white bedding - change your pillows or art without having to do a complete overhaul. There is a reason hotels have white bedding - loads of psychological data here, my friends. People feel best getting in and out of a bed that has white linens. Parachute Home is an absolute go-to for bedding.

Statement Rug. Or at least a rug that stands out a bit. The rug is your anchor, the foundation in the room, and it should shine. I love sourcing rugs from World Market, Rugs USA and Urban Outfitters Home. Great quality, design and price points! Have a little fun here and allow your rug to represent a bit of your own personality.

Functional Nightstands. Read: hide all the junk. Let's be honest, nightstands become dumping grounds for our books, magazines, mail, glasses, you name it, it piles up. Drawers are your best friend here.

Wall Love. Be it wallpaper, statement artwork, personal pictures framed well or even a bold tapestry, you should be giving your walls a bit of love and creativity. When in doubt, however, you can always paint them white or light gray for future versatility and a low-risk but classic solution.

Table Lamps. I will forever be in love with those Target lamps in the picture above. They add a tiny touch of glam but are not overstated. From budget-friendly finds at Home Goods to big splurges at Serena and Lily, no matter what happens, make sure they provide a warm light, enough for reading and setting the mood before you go to sleep. Lighting truly is everything!

Throw Pillows. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is where I splurge. A good set of throw pillows is icing on the cake. You can find great pillows at almost every home decor store, but I say spend an extra $100 or so and upgrade the quality and design. I love McGee and Co, CB2 and Anthropologie for sourcing pillows. But what I love more is popping into a local boutique wherever I am at - I swear those mom and pop home decor stores have the best throw pillows ever. Mrs. Mandolin here in Miami is a favorite!

Mirror. This could be leaning like you see here, hung above your dresser or on a wall as a a statement piece. Anthropologie has some of the prettiest mirrors that truly feel art. You need a mirror for the obvious reasons so evaluate your space and determine the best location which then will determine the size you need which then you will be equipped to source!

Plants. Plants are a must in almost every room in your home and your bedroom is no exception. I love the statement this Fiddle Leaf Fig brings to this room. If you don't have the space or the right natural lighting for a Fiddle Leaf, ask your local nursery or go to google to find the best indoor plants that are low maintenance. Place on on your nightstand or dresser and start taking in that extra oxygen and health benefits that plants bring into the home!

Well, what do you think? How many of these ingredients are you using right now? Do you have adjustments to make? I'd love to hear from you!

Photo by Jackie Knabben -

Design by Ann Ueno -


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