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How to Design a Coastal Glam Entryway

Boy oh boy I am excited about this one. I've polled the audiences and asked the people what they wanted me to design for the inaugural #mondaymoodboard sesh. They wanted boys bedrooms and family-friendly living rooms. What to do with a white wall in a dining room. How to style an office. And, the winner, how to design a coastal glam entryway.

With this new series, I get to choose and I chose this one because my instincts were that it would be a challenge for me. In my brain, coastal and glam are somewhat opposite. When I think of a coastal glam entryway, I envision laid back California with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It just doesn't feel right.

So, I took it on. And I truly want your feedback - does this feel coastal glam to you? Did the fact that I put white Louis Vuitton mens shoes with a Serena and Lily console help? We shall see. Follow along my Instagram stories to see what people are saying and I'd love your comments here. BE HONEST! And in the case you love the space or love some of the products, I've linked them all below for your shopping pleasure. I'm nice like that.

Also, I'm choosing the next moodboard design so submit your ideas to me! Comment here with ideas, email me at, call me at...okay that's too much. You get it. If you have a design dilemma or just want to put my skills to the test, send it over!


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