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How to Create and Style a Dry or Wet Bar

You guys. Lately I'm having all the feels like "pinch me, is this what I get to do for a living?!" And one of my latest projects in Boca Raton definitely added to all of those feelings, ESPECIALLY when they said yes to my idea of converting an unused closet (in a weird location) to a dry bar. These yeses from clients are like fuel to a designers soul. I love all of my projects but the ones where I get to design moments and unique areas using special material and a bit of risk-taking? YES YES YES.

And to that, I had so much fun styling this project that I thought it would be useful to write all about my experience and how to create and style a dry or wet bar.  Because, learning how to style a dry or wet bar is clearly something you need to know to live life to the fullest ;)

Tile It Up.

The true hero of this dry bar is the Ann Sacks Kelly Wearstler tile! We designed it with the tile in mind as the main focal point. Choosing a unique tile for the backsplash really gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality and bring new life and color to your home.

Add Shelves.

I am such an advocate for this open shelving trend, especially when it's done well. Open shelving provides space for storage, and also provides a place for you to showcase your glassware, decorative objects and personal items that come together to create a little masterpiece. These specific shelves were custom wood fit by my millworker, but feel free to choose your own favorite wood for your bar. Places like Pottery Barn and Rejuvenation have some great shelving options if you don't want to go custom. Check out some of my favorite open shelves below!

Cabinetry + Pulls.

Mapping out your cabinetry is essential for a good dry or wet bar. I really like to go the custom route, because you're able to cater specifically to your home. You can never go wrong with white cabinets. They brighten up every room! And for the pulls, you know I am the biggest fan of brass hardware, so we went for brass and because I am extra nice you can see some of my favorite brass cabinet pulls here:

Make It Your Own.

There are so many ways to personalize your wet bar. For instance, the clients love traveling to Italy, so we incorporated a Gray Malin print with two glasses of Aperol Spritz overlooking the stunning Amalfi Coast. The champagne glasses are a vintage family heirloom that were both gorgeous and perfect for the space. I strongly believe in personalizing spaces and homes and a dry bar is no different so always be sure to add some personal elements!

Style and Layer.

The final step to creating and styling a dry or wet bar and arguably the hardest, is the layering of decorative objects, useful items and beautiful gems. After everything else was installed and in place, we styled it with some pops of orange to complement the Aperol. We also added some brass decorative pieces to accentuate the brass cabinet pulls. As you can see there are various sets of layering that went on. Glass canisters, a setup of the drink station, inclusive of the most beautiful marble tray, gold bowls and actual drinks and food, layered towels, a plant, a trio of champagne bottles and the cutest magnifying glass ever.

These details matter and there is no perfect outcome - for me, it's a feeling and when I get the feeling I know I'm done. Don't be afraid of making it your own and adding your personal touches but try to stick with a theme and a color story as well.

Shop products from this drybar and more here:

And that, my friends, is how you create and style a dry or wet bar! Now, it's time for an Aperol Spritz! Cheers!


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