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How to Create an Entryway

Entryways. They are like forwards in a book. Like the appetizer of a meal. The first scenes of a play. They set the tone and offer somewhat of a prediction of what the rest of the home will be. In theory - if designed well - they should evoke an emotion, be functional, practical and beautiful. And most importantly, they should be cohesive with the rest of the home. Besides, it would be weird if you were served a sushi appetizer at an Italian restaurant, right? Right.

Thus, I wanted to give you a glimpse into how to create an entryway. And this just so happens to be one of my favorite entryways as part of the Oceanfront Oasis project. When you opened the front door, this was the first view the owners - or their guests - see. And I'm not sure about you but I am liking what I am seeing!

Without further ado, check out this quick tutorial on how to create an entryway!

How to Create an Entryway

And voila! There you have it - the makings of an entryway.


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