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How AUID Can Help YOU!

Hi friends and family! If it's your first time reading one of my blogs, welcome! I'm so happy you're here. But if your an AUID loyalist (it's a thing), you know that one of my biggest values in my business is to consistently serve others with authenticity, creativity and loads of energy. Our brand DNA elevates people over profit and we want to serve clients, our Instagram community, the communities we live in, our families - ALL OF THE PEOPLE - with a spirit of excellence. Not perfection, but excellence.

And recently our team was talking and we realized a few consistent things we have been hearing from our community related to: where we source, our interior designer resources, how to easily shop our design looks, how to become an interior designer when you don't have a degree and more. We also have noticed that when we share our authentic stories, our personal struggles and how we are tackling hard seasons, IT RESONATES.

And we thought HECK! Let's make sure they know we have solutions for all of the things and to remind you that if you are a home owner, a mom, if you're going through a divorce, if you are renovating your rental unit, if you want ideas for your next project, help in managing your business - AUID can help you.

Amazon Storefront (stop searching, we've done the work for you)

Did you know that we have an Amazon storefront with some of our favorite products that we source for our projects? These are my curated finds at your fingertips! There are several different lists with everything from lighting to books to throw pillows for your home. Let me make your life easier and your home prettier.

AUID Newsletter (ahem, get your free guide)

Every month, Ann Ueno Interior Design releases a newsletter with everything we've been working on, life hacks for your heart and your home, design advice, resources and so much more. I'm taking all of my experiences, both business and personal, and writing about what I've learned in hopes that it can help someone else. Get all of this delivered to your inbox every month by signing up here AND, you will get my free guide, 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Cohesive.

LiketoKnowit (the quickest way to shop our designs)

Are you on the app? (save time, shop smart, make your home happy)

If not, what are you waiting for?! This app is truly a gift and it is the easiest way to shop for just about anything! LiketoKnowit is a social-based shopping service that allows you to purchase your favorite items directly from my Instagram feed or via the app itself. The app is primarily for mobile devices and you can find me right here.

Step 1: Follow me (search "Ann Ueno Interior Design" or click here)

Step 2: Select the room you love.

Step 3: Check out all the products from the post.

Step 4: Click and shop your heart out!

Pinterest (get inspired, take action)

At AUID, we get over 300k monthly views to our Pinterest page...needless to say, people want all the visual eye candy, content, updates, project reveals and more! Pinning is one of my favorite things to do in my business life and in my personal life. It helps keep me inspired. It helps me see what's on trend. It helps me with parenting. It helps me with marketing. It helps me with cooking. You name it, Pinterest has a solution. Seriously. So, if you went on a Pinterest hiatus, trust me, now is the time to get back on... find me on Pinterest here.

Interior Designer Resources (from coaching to cost-effective guides, WE GOT YOU)

By now you know I've been leading a coaching program for designers (this season has been epic so far and the progress these entrepreneurs are making is incredible), but, what you may not know is I have MORE THAN THAT! AUID has an arm of our business dedicated to the growth of the next generation of interior designers. If you're an aspiring or current interior designer, let me help you! I have tons of resources available including guides on Client Investment Guide Template for Interior Designers, Interior Designer Marketing Checklist for Revealing Your Projects, and so much more

Instagram (the marriage of personal and business)

Oh, Instagram. We love you so much. Here's the deal. You can find a lot about design in our IG but often you will find personal updates, business advice and heart and soul life things. We believe in authenticity, transparency and the blend of personal and business and that is what we use IG for. We find people love and are inspired so much by the personal posts and stories. So, if you are a single mom, a working mom, an interior designer, an inspiring interior designer, a former Corporate America exec who craves more freedom and creativity, or someone who is just a mess and you need someone to relate to...FOLLOW ME.

Freebies (yes, we have a page on our website dedicated to FREE stuff)

From how to hang a gallery wall to how to make your home more cohesive, we have freebies for home owners, renters and interior designers. Don't miss these resources!

I hope all of this can help better serve you, your home, your career and your life!




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