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AUID x Gray Malin's Favorite Inrooms

You guys! I am so excited to share that one of my projects was chosen as Gray Malin's Favorite Inrooms in their latest design series, Design Direction: Gray’s Favorite Inrooms Vol. 1! WHHHAATTTT?

Yes. That happened and yes, I am pinching myself again.

To have gotten to work with the Gray Malin team last year on their Start with Art series and now this is new Gray's Favorite Inroom series is a Dream. Come. True. This Laguna Beach surfer's art was actually chosen by the client once we had the design concept for the room and it turned out just as we'd envisioned - coastal, energetic and just the right amount of color to enhance the room.

I am humbled and honored to have my work stacked up against other beautiful spaces and connected to a brand I have loved for about a decade. And this space was so fun to design.

Don't forget to shop the look and scope out all of Gray Malin's incredible work (trust me, it's hard to pick just one piece of art when there are so many beautiful destinations and creativity to choose from)!




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