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AUID x Golden Goose: Introducing Golden Spaces

Okay, let us tell you what the heck is going on!

I was recently interviewed by DCOTA recently and was asked where I get my inspiration from as a designer. And I answered it with nature, my environment (especially living in Miami) as well as other designers, like Kelly Wearstler. But I looked down and realized how often I integrate fashion into my work. If you want to know your design style, look in your closet, look at your feet! And it hit me - I draw a lot of creativity and inspiration from Golden Goose.

A few years ago, a friend introduced me to this incredible brand and ironically I bought my first pair for a trip to Italy - v. apropos given Golden Goose is an Italian brand. I started to become obsessed with not only the shoes, but the brand at large. And more recently, I really started becoming more immersed into their DNA, their impact on society and their incredible dedication to craftsmanship and culture.

Alas, I introduce to you Golden Spaces: spaces that I've designed that have been inspired by GG sneakers.

Why I am in love with the Golden Goose brand:

From Venice to the skate parks in LA, this idea of perfection imperfection resonates with my soul. There is such beauty and grace and love in imperfection. It really is perfect. When we can embrace it in ourselves and fully accept it, I believe we can live out our purpose. And if we can live out our purpose – a place I am at right now in my life – we can’t help but share. To share our experiences, our ideas, our progress our failures – this is essential. It’s needed today. It’s needed in this world.

Golden Goose fully exudes approachable luxury – one of my core brand identities Humanity exists in their brand core – from the manual touches and warmth to the end product which is a shoe that absolutely disrupts the lifestyle brand segment.

Having spent 16 years in luxury hotel marketing for brands like W Hotels and St. Regis and Westin, being an industry disruptor was our mission and we were constantly encouraged to think outside of the box, creating unique customer experiences. This is exactly what GG is doing. I feel special wearing their shoes. I feel like they are made for me and me alone. I feel a sense of home, a sense of beauty and a sense of luxury. These shoes take me places. In fact, my first pair I purchased in Chicago for a trip to Italy and I walked miles and miles and miles in those shoes, garnering memories and moments and more love.

How AUID can relate to GG:

'...We like things that are lived in, distressed, touched with life. In our family, we want everything to be as non-perfect as possible. Life is not perfect. We inject life into what we do. Loved. Lived in. Heritage. Perfect Imperfection. Distress. Our family is ignited by energy, positivity and shared values. Everybody can be a part of this…”

These are sound bites of the GG manifesto and it feels like me, heart and soul. It hits home like no other brand I have been loyal to.

I share my imperfections. I share my story. I create elevated, approachable spaces for people. I bring energy, passion and positivity inot each day, each meeting, each moment. I connect as authentically as possible with my clients, ultimately becoming part of their family for a season and sometimes for many seasons.

In short…

Maybe I am more golden than I think I am 😉

Yes, yes. I am golden. And so are YOU.

We are dream doers and dream makers. We bring big love and we receive big love. As they say, love has the power to make everything purely beautiful. We are here for that.

Golden Goose – thank you for inspiring me and my creations. Thank you for giving my feet a firm foundation. From my appointments on dirt for a new build to dropping my daughter off at school as a working single mom, your shoes literally carry me, fuel me and make me a better business owner, a better human and a better creative.

Here’s to more love, to being golden and to being disruptive designers. Here’s to living passionately and imperfectly. And here's to walking miles, going places and moving forward in disruptive, imperfect, beautiful shoes.




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