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8 Design Hacks for Kids Rooms To Implement NOW!

Hey hey! Anyone else out there doing all the home decor and reno projects? Organizing? Purging? Or just cleaning up after the kiddos every. single. hour.

Same. This season seems to be pivoting into homeowners and renters tackling all of their projects and I am so grateful that business is starting to pick back up! And I continue to get questions on kids spaces so, I thought it may be helpful to provide 8 design hacks for kids rooms to implement now! From organization to budget finds, I got you covered!

Hack 1: Make cleaning up easy by investing in a storage shelf system like the one below and a couple of good-sized baskets. The hack? Just throw the darn toys in any compartment or basket and call it a day! This is more manageable for kids and you know that the mess will be recreated over.

Hack 2: Find the cutest dresser from IKEA and design the whole room around it. Ha ha. Or not. Point is, never underestimate IKEA and remember, you don't have to just look at their kids furniture. Their adult furniture works in kids spaces perfectly, as you can see in the below picture!

P.S. How cute is that garland and that basket combo?! Crate and Kids has the cutest baskets right now, btw!

Hack 3: Create a statement wall with wallpaper! Wallpaper can be a big investment but doing it just on one wall can make a huge impact for a lot less money. I love this little boys room for so many reasons but I think the palm leaf wallpaper really made the room shine.

Hack 4: Similar to hack 3 but this time, it's a mural! Murals can be so fun to do for kids spaces so whether you want t buy something (I love the company I used for the rainbow mural below - Murals Wallpaper) or DIY your own thing, it's a great way to make a huge impact in a room.

Oh and a lot of people have asked me where Zoey's pink faux fur bench is from so I've linked it for you!

Hack 5: Create a homework nook. With homeschooling becoming the norm, we've all had to change up our homes to accommodate our work and school from home needs. And it's actually really easy to create a small space for your kiddos to do school work. A simple desk, chair and some accessories does the trick.

I personally love this wild and free sign and the acrylic bookshelf but I have to say, the rug from Home Depot takes the cake!

Hack 6: High Low. You've heard this from the design shows and in your HGTV magazine and it's a design strategy every designer uses. You have a budget for a space and you may find one item to splurge on and thus, you have to save on the rest. High priced item, low priced item. In this room, we splurged on this Oeuf bed knowing our clients daughter would use it for years and years to come. And then we saved on the IKEA nightstand, for example.

A bonus hack inspired by this pic is sort of the "bed in a bag" concept. So many clients aren't sure on how to pick out bedding and how to pair it with shams and throw pillows. Well, Crate and Kids - and other kids stores - often do the work for you. We loved this Genevieve Gorder bedding combo so we literally scooped up the set - done and done!

P.S it's on clearance right now!

Hack 7: DIY gallery wall. Thanks to Etsy and IKEA, anyone truly can create a gallery wall FOR CHEAP! This whole gallery wall (and there are two sides to it so it actually has 12 frames and 12 pieces of art total) cost under $200. I LOVE the Pantone prints so much. SO MUCH. And IKEA always has some of the best frames.

Hack 8: Design with the future in mind. When I designed this nursery for a client of mine, we purposely bought a West Elm dresser as the "changing table" knowing the child would grow into it OR, that my client would repurpose it in their home. I love the idea of investment pieces in kids spaces - they can bring new life to a different part of your home, it helps with waste and it makes you put on a new hat as you purchase products.

Oh and true story - I never noticed the geometric reflection between the dresser and the rug in this photo until right now. Subconscious design, perhaps? Ha ha ha.

Check out some of my favorite kids room products below!


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